Layman guide for setting up Google Apps on blog with registered domain name

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The best blogging platform on the planet and the best of services suit Google Apps, do you know bloggers can send and receive email from their mapped domains using Google Apps for Domains? A few simple steps and you can have your WordPress blog and your email addresses on your own domain means several gigabytes of space, the ability to set up multiple mailboxes and much much more.

Google-Apps wordpress-must-dos

Let’s see how it works.

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Nokia N8 Battery Life – ten useful tips

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I have  written a lot about Nokia N8 till now, it does this, it does that, but while discussing things about Smartphones, we always forget one basic thing; the battery. So, its time to cover that part now and sure one may also relate the same tips with their other phones either Nokia or Non-Nokia.

Apart of various other things it can do, your phone is always of core importance in your life for the incoming calls and SMSs, which sort out your ways in emergencies. That’s why one get irritated, when see a 1200 mAh on specs sheet. I admit, I was irritated. But after spending a little time with it, you started to realize that like the way, you see even 1GHz Androids struggling in front of just 680 MHz of Nokia N8, when it comes to Gallery performance etc, there is just another story around, when it comes to battery performance of Symbian^3 vs Specs. You just need to learn a few basics.

There is already some excellent official posts, which go into details that How can one prolong the battery life on his Nokia N8 device?  and if you don’t want to go online, then its right there ion help files of your Nokia N8 as well. But I thought to explain the things in layman terms here and link them with my own experiences with the Nokia N8 battery life. So, here goes the tips ….

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Nokia N8 Continuous Video Auto Focus Hack and much more

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Remember those HX Mods that were enabling you to get the raw images mode from already almighty Nokia N8 camera? He was also talking about the continuous auto focus mode, which he didn’t released for public later on due to some bugs in it. Finally this time some other hacker faenil seems to have done it with a public release. This time, it is not just a camera mode, but does many things more.

Faenil also mentions that he is coding a software to let you edit lots of settings it will take 1-2months, so wait for a lot more if next firmware update doesn’t bring all the goodies that Nokia N8 is really capable of.

He has gone in details about it and coding instructions …

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A picture gallery shot entirely by Nokia N8 via @Pannkaz

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This was something I wanted to do since long, but messy office life been too harsh over me to get some extended holidays for such snapping around, I did some of the shots in past like this one, but here comes @pannkaz to prove me that its all my laziness for not showcasing the biggest ornament of our almighty Symbian^3 jewel Nokia N8.


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VLC Player got updated to 1.1.5

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Look like this time I missed it otherwise it was released since November 13, 2010 of the our most essential apps VLC player just got updated to version 1.1.5 after a few months otherwise the last three updates were very quick ones. 1.1.2 got released on July 29, 2010, 1.1.3 got released on August 18, 2010 and 1.1.4 got released on August 27, 2010. So, definitely this one took quite a long. Again as they mention, this one is a bug fix release but there are some small new features added in the already long feature set of VLC Media player.


What’s new in VLC Player 1.1.5?

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Gravity for Symbian got updated to Alpha 6685-All new facebook section and more

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Finally the looong wait ended, when tonight @janole uploaded the alpha build of gravity with polished portrait qwerty, all new facebook section, conversation style DMs and more. This was probably the longest gap between two version (last one was in start of November) and after checking out the various features, it sure seems to worth all the waiting.

Scr000420 Scr000419

If you are not aware what gravity is (which is almost impossible for a Symbian user), then you must check my big review about Gravity. Being a fan of Gravity and @janole for sure, I was also following the development around the split screen and transparent touch keypad inside gravity, which also brings the portrait qwerty over Symbian^3.

Download link here

The complete change log will come from the developer itself by tomorrow, but I am showing you what I find different in my first few mins experiences with new Gravity.

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Nokia Ovi Suit Beta updated to

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Developers at Nokia seems to be very busy at the moment. Nokia Ovi Suit Beta just received an update and now reached to version from the last December 08, 2010 version  that was

Ovi Suit Update

No change log available yet except it says the following…

  • Improved feature and performance
  • Updated applications
  • Better stability

You can download it via update feature in Ovi Suit itself or from via Beta Labs link directly.

Be tuned in to know more.