Ovi Maps for mobile v3.06 got an update

Look like things at Symbian side happening at pace finally. In recent days, we seen them pretty busy updating devices etc. Last night, there was a minor update for Nokia Social and now here in noon, we got an update for Ovi Maps 3.06.


scr000379  scr000394

Yes! its still from beta labs and we have not got the version 3.06 pushed into final version, means you wont get this update via OTA or software update and you have to download it via Betlabs only. Though for your help, here is the direct download link.

scr000382 scr000383 scr000384

For the full details of what the update brings for you other than the usual bug fixes, you should head on their official blog post on it. Highlights are ..


  1. An update icon in the menu to enable the user to download the street maps directly into the device without need of some PC. Though the same feature is available over Wi-Fi only.
    Note: You need to put your Wi-Fi connection in Internet folder.
  2. My Position and Search are now integrated (now called Map). When accessed, it will show your last map view.
  3. Back button in Favourites
  4. Long tap functionality to delete & rename collections & routes
  5. Pop up for first time use – to inform user to download new map data (when upgrading 3.04 > 3.06 for the first time)
  6. Improved behaviours of transit lines settings in map toolbox (no more grey out)
  7. Compass calibration hint
  8. Refreshed place details information view



I also noticed the compass notification, which says that flip your phone to use the compass.. cool.. at least over WiFi tethered from JoikuSpot on Nokia E5-00 (MTNL 3G) connection). Following was the compass hint. Cool and simple.


Also note that Ovi Maps v3.06 uses new and richer map data which includes public transit lines. During installation, your previous map data will be deleted, but please note that if you have previously used Ovi Maps 3.06, your Map data will not be deleted after installing the updated release.

Compatibility: Ovi Maps for mobile v3.06 is available on the following devices:

Symbian^3: N8, E7, C7, C6-01
S60 5th Edition: N97, N97 mini, X6, C6-00, 5800XM, 5235, 5230 & 5230 Nuron

Please note that S60 3rd Edition, FP1 or FP2 devices (non-touch) are not supported in this release. Unsure about the platform of your Nokia device? Click here and find out.

The previous versions of Map Loader or Nokia Maps Updater will NOT work with Ovi Maps v3.06. Please use Ovi Suite instead.

So, have you updated yours yet?

Nokia Social updated to 1.2.163 for Symbian^3-Change Details

Finally some updates arrive to Nokia Social- The social application on Symbian^3 got updated to version 1.2.163. Which seems to be the second update to the same application of size around 2.38 mb. Seems to pushed by last night 2AM Indian time, Its already been reported to appear on Nokia N8-00, Nokia C7-00 and Nokia C6-01, so we could assume that the update is for all Symbian^3 devices.


While its hard to notice any of the differences, but it seems to be tweaked from inside to bring many of the changes in the core. Following are some of the changes that I noticed.

  1. Quicker loading of app and better connection handling: Probably due to the fact that its loading the older updates from last session without using internet connection first. Making it possible to finally load, even in absence of reliable network connection, which was taking ages earlier (never loaded on WAP to me). Though I am still unable to update via WAP connections, but with 3G, APN or WiFi, its going smooth, which is a good news for people, who were finding themselves unable to get it loaded even on Wi-Fi.
  2. No arrows back on Home Screen Widget: Some already said that such tiny arrows were of no actual use, but I guess there are so many more people, whom this annoyed a lot, when arrows got missing in last update. Now still, all what you got to wait for the second update to appear on the screen. Not a good thing.


  3. Likes and comment counts on Home Screen Widget: Though I wasn’t able to get a screen shot of the same, but the widget now shows "likes" and comment-count on status updates.
  4. There is no change is color and its still white: For a better battery life, it was being expected that they will make the background darker in next update, but that didn’t happened till now at least.
  5. Facebook part is a lot smoother now: Can’t say about twitter part, but facebook part sure seems to improve on scrolling part. Inline previews of pics and videos are loading quicker (A things that Gravity misses badly). Its loading text first and images at last, a hint for people, who might be complaining on not loading pics.

Well out of many things that people might be wishing from the social app, what most i am wishing is, manual settings for the connections, in the way, those are in Gravity, A darker theme, common options like Reply to All, Re-tweet, geo-tagging available right there in app and list goes long. Let’s see, when will Nokia reach there. Till then we all are calling it a very very minor update.

Manual Download:

For people, who missed to get it in to their OTA updates via Menu–> Application –> SW Update, could download the sisx file from here http://nmota.messaging.nokia.com/clients/Social_1_2_update.sisx

The power in hands of mass-Nokia E5-Unboxing and first impressions

Sir! you got a parcel” – I got a call from the security in-charge of our office and I knew that it came.


It would be wrong to say that I was not expecting the same. Great people at @WomWorldNokia and DHL both are transparent in their operations and being in New Delhi always come as advantage because I never had to wait for more than 4 days, once WomWorld people give it a go.

Happy to see a review unit back in house after a little pause. Thanks WOM people, thanks again.

This time, I thought to ask my friend Krishna to come up, so that I could get a fresh hand opinion from someone else as well. So, all the back ground stuff ends here …


So this was the shiny and slim blue box, we got for Nokia E5-00 and this time it was a white one. So it was the second white device to me in a row after Nokia N86.

27112010750 27112010756

After opening the box, I was greeted with the regular Nokia Accessories with white Nokia E5-00 taking the middle place.


If you go by the specs, then a 600 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM that too with such a nice QWERTY, so reliable S60 V3 FP2 OS and an extended battery life with 1200 mAh battery sure deserves a price. Still for keeping the prices down, I was not expecting much of the goodies inside the box.


Again that small tiny USB cable. I bet no other manufacturer would have been shipping such small cable. Oh! Com’on Nokia, it wouldn’t kill you if you keep on shipping those longer length USB cables.


Matching with the colors of the device, we got the white stereo headsets as well, though for a surprise, those adjustable ear buds are not included in the package. May be price compromise. Fine with it.

28112010789 28112010791

The charger was a UK one (Indian package would be different), but with a socket as well.

When taken out of the box, the white color was a real piece of beauty for my surprise otherwise, I always been a fan of Black/ Dark Gray devices due to rough nature of my work most of the time.

28112010779* Obviously the pics was taken after setting it up but this was a beauty, isn’t it?


The front of the device has a nice speaker in front top and a light sensor at its usual place.


At the bottom, there is a tiny microphone and obviously none of you might be asking for some noise cancellation second microphone here considering the price of the device that is around 11.3k INR.

A richer and comfortable QWERTY with a longer space key in the middle and a metal plate featuring six buttons namely Left and Right Selection Keys in first row, Home keys and Messaging key in second row and finally Call key and End\ Power key in last row.


I am trying to avoid the comparison, but let me mention few differences between Nokia E72 and this one. For me almost all of them been very positives.

  1. It removes Calendar and Contacts buttons (I wasn’t using them much in Nokia E72 either)
  2. It brings green and red colors to Call and End Call keys, which were plain in Nokia E72.
  3. It brings extra width for space key

If we rest of the device, then Nokia seems to have taken a very minimalistic approach in design.


Not many buttons are around and as we already have seen power key been already merged with the Call End key (though I Haven’t been favour of this compromise, but its about habit only). There are two plastic buttons on the sides, which pushes the battery cover out, when pressed. There is no camera/ Gallery buttons neither many would have preferred so for not camera centric device. The Navi Key works as a Camera button as well.


Upper portion has the volume key on the right side, for which I will say that the feedback could have been better as current one feels a bit extra tougher.


While there is nothing on the curvy bottom side, the top has the 2mm power jack, 3.5mm headset jack and one MicroUSB port covered with a plastic cap. Did I told you earlier that I always preferred devices without the plastic cover as such caps are always susceptible to be broken, but still I understand that many wants this to be in place as well.

28112010808 28112010807

The back of device features the 5MP Full Focus Camera, a single LED flash (works as video light too) and a stereo speaker. Though I would have argued over the placing of speakers on the back, but the volume is such crisp that I still doesn’t mind it. We also find Nokia E5-00 engraved at the bottom of battery cover, that’s cute.


The same 1200 mAh battery that I criticize up to some extent in Nokia N8-00 and E7-00, I seems to be loving in Nokia E5-00 for sure. You can really really rely on this device for the whole day and night too.


And may be many don’t stress over it, but for me placing of SIM slot always been important. We got exactly the same SIM slot as was there in Nokia N82 means no scratches over the SIM or struggling to put it right at first instance.


While there are many arguments over the Full Focus cameras, but one thing is sure. Some casual snappers seems to be even liking it as I took opinion of some. No wait for getting focus right and you just have to keep the hands straight while taking pictures. Unbelievable for me, but many seems to be liking it. By the way, being a S60 V3 FP2 device, it also has advantage of having panorama mode inbuilt in camera.


Some of the random shots in day light

28112010006 28112010004

And in night light. Yeah I will post Flash reactions later on.


And at the end, let me tell you guys, just for sake of getting exact feeling of Nokia E5-00, I am keeping my Nokia N8-00 as retired and Nokia E5-00 has taken the driver seat. You know its not an easy job, is it?


So, these were some of my first impressions on Nokia E5-00. All I can say is, this is a brilliant piece of hardware in a superb and very very well justified price. A device that you could live with for sure and still never regret like you never regretted with most of the E-Series devices.

You should expect some more coming in next coming days. Be tuned in ….