Nokia Ovi Suit beta updated to

Admit it, we all love updates even if the software might be working perfectly for us. Who doesn’t like new features and better performance? So, today is the day for updating your Ovi Suit like right now. Ovi Suit

The last version was, which is going to be updated for

Update details

As you can see, there are three normal differences from the last one

  1. Improved features and performance
  2. Updated application
  3. Better stability

You can get the update notification over ‘software update’ icon over ‘Ovi Suite Home’ page or you can manually check for the updates, by just clicking on ‘Software Updates’ button at ‘Tools’ Tab. The size of update for Windows XP/ Vista is 73 mb and for Windows 7 its 93 mb (All 32 bit), while if you download from their official website link, then its around 91 mb.

Note: Nokia says that for those users, who have Nokia Ovi Suite installed, we recommend using Nokia Ovi Suite’s own update wizard, but Somehow I found the update via Ovi Suit option slower than downloading via web link. May be temporary connectivity issues.

ovi suit beta

After installation, the first thing you will notice is, no restart required like you were needed in case of last installation of version UI is similar and no visible changes seems to be here yet. Though some have reported that this updates brings Real Golf game of around 140 mb size for Nokia N8 as a free application update, I have yet to connect my Nokia N8 to check the same.

The Official Change Log

Key improvements in this Beta update:

  • Various crash corrections, for example "crash when editing playlists", crash when transferring music to device and many more issues
  • If you birthday information to a contact and don’t specify year of birthday, current year will be used.
  • Fixes to situations, where after update of Nokia Ovi Suite, device was not correctly found via USB cable.
  • Fixed issue in home view, where sometimes music album art and music track name didn’t match
  • Fixed situation, where in restore operation got stuck, if the phone connected to charger, when starting restore operation
  • Windows 7 pinning into Windows 7 task bar fixed
  • Latest translation updates taken into use.
  • Fixed situations, where error message didn’t fit into dialog.

Watch the video about the Nokia Ovi Suit Beta (its the old one)



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