Nokia X7 leaked again, Nokia admits the presence of Nokia X7-00?

Many of us been speculating about the upcoming Nokia model Nokia X7-00, most probably centered around gaming and entertainment. Even few of the pics made it to the wild appearances on the web and much of the talks as usual, but after the last Ovi Store short presence, now Nokia X7-00 was spotted on another official source.


Detective skills of one of my friend @mobileyog pushed the luck again, when he spotted Nokia X7, while trying to add a new device, while trying to set up Ovi Sync via their mobile site. Even I followed the link and repeated the same process and its right there at the end.

Nokia X7 So, Nokia X7 is very very well into the system of Nokia Services, which could have only one means, a very close launch date. Is it before Christmas? We don’t think so as the same list also contains the name Nokia E7 that is expected to be launched by December 31, 2010 and not to be shipped before January.


So, is Nokia going to launch three four devices in a row again? Nokia E7, Nokia X7, what more? Nokia E6 too?

Hats off @mobileyog again for the tip.


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