Nokia N8 Continuous Video Auto Focus Hack and much more

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Remember those HX Mods that were enabling you to get the raw images mode from already almighty Nokia N8 camera? He was also talking about the continuous auto focus mode, which he didn’t released for public later on due to some bugs in it. Finally this time some other hacker faenil seems to have done it with a public release. This time, it is not just a camera mode, but does many things more.

Faenil also mentions that he is coding a software to let you edit lots of settings it will take 1-2months, so wait for a lot more if next firmware update doesn’t bring all the goodies that Nokia N8 is really capable of.

He has gone in details about it and coding instructions …

  1. Dialer landscape mod and SYSAP portrait (2000B195.txt)
    0x20009B72 int 327680 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData (DIALER)
    0x100058f3 int 65536 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData (SYSAP, to lock startup and shutdown animations to portrait, to keep their size and aspect)


  2. Gallery Folders mod (10282AC.txt and 200009FE.txt)
    ADDED excluded folders to 0×2 in 10282AC.txt
    and to 0x1XXXX in 200009FE.txt
  3. ContinuousAF mod (2001B29B.txt)
    Set 0x1E to 1


  4. Context data object maximum size (2000B195.txt)
    Set 0×1 to 4096
  5. MusicPlayer Folders mod (101FFCD2.txt)
    Set 0×1 to the folders where you want the musicplayer to look!
  6. MusicPlayer Heap 30Mb (101FFC03.txt)
    Set 0×6 to 30
  7. Startup/Shutdown animations and sounds mod (101F8763.txt)
    Set 0×3 to the startup animation file
    Set 0xD to the startup sound
    Set 0×12 to the shutdown animation file
    Set 0×14 to the shutdown sound
  8. Browser’s cache mod (101F8557.txt)
    Changed drive in 0×3, 0×4, 0×8 to “D:\..”
    Set 0×2, 0×5, 0×9 to 0, to have INFINITE cache
  9. Voice Recorder 5Hours at 256kbps! (101F87A3.txt)
    Set 0×6 to 2 to have default High Quality profile set
    Set 0×7 and 0×14 to 300, to have 300Minutes (5Hours) of max recording time
    Set 0×11 to 288000 to have 256kbps recording (you can also set it to 256000, it’s the same)
  10. UiSpeed Mod (10283344.txt)
    Set 0×0 to 72, which are the max fps (default was 67, so I think 72 does not change anything, it was just to try )
    Set 0×1 to 90, which is the max % of the cpu time that the UI Server can use (default was 75)
    Set 0×4 to 3, which is the Graphic FX quality (kastors quality) default was 8 (maybe), I lowered this because I think 8 is not needed, and to improve speed

Well! honestly, I have not checked the rest of the options and have checked the Dialer Landscape mode and Camera Continuous Auto-Focus mode only. But its great that the hacker has provided options for choosing the features to install or not to install. I found Continuous auto focus a little slower but it working quite well. If you want to take the risk then it sure worth it and you can always uninstall it, whenever you want.

update: Adding a short video to show continuous auto focus

Some of the part of above video not showing auto focus, reason is the fact that I pushed it a little far. The limit of Nokia N8 camera is 10 cm even in Macro Mode and if I am going beyond that then it sure will get diffused. As reported by @yogi_77, it seems that except Macro Video recordings, continuous auto focus is not that great in other situations due to focusing stuff. But sure, its better to have options and enabling use cases like this.

This just shows that the hardware that Nokia N8 got has all the calibers, what one may  wish for. May be someday it might do a Maemo or Android as well. Its just about software part and we all could bet that Nokia will get it right soon.

Download Links (7.7 kb only)

Rapidshare, Megaupload

Note: The sis file is unsigned, so you need to sign it first.


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11 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Continuous Video Auto Focus Hack and much more

      1. I’m having the same problem, however I installed HX Mod for camera quality settings, however I uninstalled it. Any solution?

          1. i have done all thing but at the installation part this error shows :”component is built-in”

            any idea how to solve ?

  1. I used the mod for cmaera hack..and im happy with the raw pics..nakin use of the 12mp camera..i tried installin the mod a lotta times..but i am not getting the autofocus option on my video settings..pls gimme a solution..thanx

  2. I used the mod for camera hack..and im happy with the raw pics..makin use of the 12mp camera completely,but i am facin dis problm……tried installin the mod a lotta times..but i am not getting the autofocus option on my video settings..pls gimme a solution..thanx

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