Nokia N8 Battery Life – ten useful tips

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I have  written a lot about Nokia N8 till now, it does this, it does that, but while discussing things about Smartphones, we always forget one basic thing; the battery. So, its time to cover that part now and sure one may also relate the same tips with their other phones either Nokia or Non-Nokia.

Apart of various other things it can do, your phone is always of core importance in your life for the incoming calls and SMSs, which sort out your ways in emergencies. That’s why one get irritated, when see a 1200 mAh on specs sheet. I admit, I was irritated. But after spending a little time with it, you started to realize that like the way, you see even 1GHz Androids struggling in front of just 680 MHz of Nokia N8, when it comes to Gallery performance etc, there is just another story around, when it comes to battery performance of Symbian^3 vs Specs. You just need to learn a few basics.

There is already some excellent official posts, which go into details that How can one prolong the battery life on his Nokia N8 device?  and if you don’t want to go online, then its right there ion help files of your Nokia N8 as well. But I thought to explain the things in layman terms here and link them with my own experiences with the Nokia N8 battery life. So, here goes the tips ….

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