Firmware update PR1.1 for Nokia N8 is live on Navifirm – Change log (Video preview included)

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Update: Official firmware update is already up. If not received yet, then you can download it via navifirm. For Indian Dark Gray version, size is 154 mb. I can upload if anyone needs that.

Update: Thanks to @N8ws, we have found a quick video of Nokia N8 running the new firmware, check it at the end of post.

Update: It seems that Nokia has removed this particular firmware from their servers or denied the access. Its showing but not there anymore. Either out for release or access removed.There are some tweets saying that Indian Product code 0599255 got the new firmware, but mine is the same and HAVEN’T got it yet neither Navifirm showing it in product external.

Finally what we all were waiting for and I even reported in my last posts is about to appear anytime soon. Navifirm started showing PR 1.1 as 13.015 firmware version. Though its only scandinavia and still in only quality assurance mode, but it means that PR1.1 is finally coming, may be tomorrow.

“NAVIFIRM is used for downloading Nokia firmware images, obtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone. NAVIFIRM downloads all this straight from Nokia’s servers so you don’t have to wait for people to post data packages and lists of product codes.”

You can download navifirm from here

Note: Who don’t know about it Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe that includes Denmark and two of the Scandinavian Peninsula’s countries, Norway and Sweden, even include Finland and Island as per our prompt reader Hese 🙂


The change log

  • New features: landscape dialer, search for music, pictures and etc with new split input interface (cool), cached web pages with forward and backword buttons, configuration of view for functions,(grid and list), navigation using address from contact book
  • Bug fixes: WLAN search, the functionality of not saving the message for SMS, keyboard …
  • Touch responsiveness: people should have receive with yesterdays’ update
  • stability and minor improvement in mail setup etc
  • They also seem to have cured the Nokia N8 reset fiasco, but who will try it first?

And if we believe Alex68 from @MyNokiaBlog, who provided this change log, then the official release date is January 21, 2011 at earliest unlikely before it.

For people who missed the download and wanna try it before, here goes the download links

Download Link

Earlier in morning, we seen the same firmware running on Nokia N8 in one of the screen shot, so its confirmed that its definitely PR1.1.

Downloading the files right now and will update if anything more I get…

PR1.1 size

So, if we go by size, then the update might be 131 mb to 175 mb, though I am really naive about these firmware things. May be some experts could take a hint out of it.

Update 1: one of the file mentions "Split Screen Qwerty Implementation version 1" at a place. Split Screen QWERTY in PR1.1? It can’t be true. Too good to be true. Also its mentioned only at one place and if split input was coming then it would have been all over. But still…. 😛

Update 2: Another file mentioning 3×11, 4×10, 4×12, half qwerty and custom qwerty. I am really keeping my finger crossed. Alone split screen portrait qwerty can make it biggest update.

Update 3: One of people who dared to flash their N8 with this firmware reporting that there is nothing new visibly in PR1.1 😦

Update 4: Some of the people, who have flashed their Nokia N8 with the new firmware also coming with their words to confirm the fact that its only a performance update rather than being any service or functionality update. Though its mentioned that Web Browser seems improved a little, no UI changes though. Other mentions like Battery, Smoothness etc are usual that also might be perception.

So, there is no portrait QWERTY, Chat, Mail or Social related changes that might be visible on screen. Too early to say, but its disappointing as official words were looking exciting.


Thanks to @Harkison for the heads up, video via PhoenixBh 


77 thoughts on “Firmware update PR1.1 for Nokia N8 is live on Navifirm – Change log (Video preview included)

  1. U just posted the screenshot…. can u get the details of wat changes they have made…. coz PR1.1 is long due, more than a month now…. n amazingly they launched Apps Update yesterday… so i don’t think PR1.1 is coming 2morrow…. (I hope i’m wrong… want to see my phone running on PR1.1 this weekend)

    1. Trying my best to pull out any info if possible and updating here. Just cant take risk of re-flashing my N8 with this version (files shown in screenshot).

      As much I have got info, this one NOT bringing any of big visual updates, but related to performance most. PR1.2 should follow within 10 days of its official release.

      1. Yea true…. N8 is already working great guns for me… don’t want to risk it. as per the info, there won’t be PR1.2 it’ll be PR2.0 (u might be aware 1.1 is minor fixes to performance while 2.0 is the biggie we should be hoping for – expected due date Feb)… n no more Symbian^4… Symbain^3 will be updated as n wen required wid Qt… but then N8 uses Qt framework not built-in Qt…. so looks like we N8 users might miss out something unless PR2.0 gives N8 a built-in Qt…

  2. soooooo excited!!! the N8 is already fast and like nitish said PR 1.1 is a performance firmware update. 😀 and with PR 1.2 Symbian will look soooo coool.

  3. Just to give a little hint, depending on the definition Finland (and Iceland) are often also included in Scandinavia. We all use the letters å,ä,ö 🙂 not found in e.g. English.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Nokia’s split screen became available in the New OVI MAPS that got updated a week maybe two weeks ago you could have a basic look of how they’re going to approach this (the easiest way possible…)

          1. Nabkawe,
            I was talking about Portrait one mate. Landscape one been there since the start. BTW the approach they are coming with their split screen is much different than this basic one. 😛

            1. Well, sorry for that but even if they made a portrait one they really should designed it better than the landscape one, it’s really annoying even though it takes a huge amount of real estate on the screen hope they leave spaces between the keys it’s been a pain in the **s
              till then i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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  6. can you please upload the firmware files.because its no longer available in navifirm.please.
    want to try it on my n8. please!

  7. Hey I noticed that there was no UDA package. I am assuming there would some more in UDA package in official release. Still hopping for a little more bits in this update…

    1. Yes I have read that post, I agree too, but still as I mentioned in one of my last post, there are many reasons that they might even skip PR1.1 completely.

      As of now, PR1.1 is no sensation as this one was not gonna bring any special goodies inside and people were going to end up bashing it only. Delay could be a little lesser negative PR

  8. This is the translate

    A new software (PR 1.1) will be available in February. A major update will be done, but the timing of it is still undetermined.

  9. guys,if i will flash my n8,and put the Scandinavia version,do i get the english lang,and do i have to install all my apss again,numbers etc..or it will be just Firmware update and all gonna stay as it is in my phone????

  10. Nokia fails again. Now that’s a surprise……NOT !

    Nokia have consistently demonstated that they are not cut out for the smart phone business !

  11. To Bart: If ur worried about yr data regarding a firmware update, u really don’t have to. I would wait for the official release tho unless u know exactly how to flash yr n8. What generally happens with Nokia is that it’s publicly released where you can download it using ovi suite, and then juust after that, it’s released OTA (over the air) to download directly to yr phone. Generally all yr data is safe, but if u dont want to take any chances, then just do a backup on ovi suite just before the update, then update the n8 and then click restore from backup. Regarding the language of the navifirm update, sorry can’t comment on that as I dont know, will leave that one for someone else 🙂

  12. this is false video,the product code showed in this video only shows the older i checked it on nokia software update downloader…..using this product code n it is old one pr1.0

  13. how do you know that mate???
    3rd week of the feb is between 14th and 20th…that’s official release date confirmed by nokia???

  14. I’m not able to install PR1.1 and Phone Apps Update.

    Both show as ‘Failed’ in the update history log.

    Any help would be appreciated. I do need to update my phone and I can go any length for it.

  15. The PR 1.1 is already out. Just downloaded the 6mb update through OTA. Just looking on what new noticeable changes have been implemented.

  16. pr1.1 is available in india.dial *#0000# n download the firmware.In usa it will be available in 3rd week.but pr1.1 is disappointment.

  17. ln this week only, almost every user of nokia n8 across the world will be able to download the pr1.1 n not to worry about the backup coz it will automatically save the data of ur phone.n in few weeks i will tell u date of next firmware update…so stay tune.

  18. Hey, my firmware update was only 6mb. is this correct? the phone didn’t have any problems though. All of the features described are working as described with some settings missing in some of the apps like my albums and accuweather and social.

    1. Yes Adnan, after reading your post, I immediately checked and downloaded the new version mentioned by you.

      But I’ve not been able to locate any changes in the phone’s working yet.
      There is one app may be new, NMC, a social msg type app.

    2. Yes Yougotmehere, after reading your post, I immediately checked and downloaded the new version mentioned by you.

      But I’ve not been able to locate any changes in the phone’s working yet.
      There is one app may be new, NMC, a social msg type app.

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