Angry Bird, Spiderman, Quick Office showing free on Ovi Store? Operator billing coming to India?

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Update: It seems that Nokia has removed all the paid apps from Ovi Store for a while, but still the damage is done and is counting more as even the genuine buyers not able to buy any app from Ovi Store since a day now. Definitely, Nokia gonna have a hard time explaining this to developers.

I and many other users have asked from @NokiaIndia and @ovibyNokia, but still no answer from them and their twitter account is silent over all this.

I was about to go for the evening tea break and all of sudden a tweet of @freak4mobiles hit me. He told that all of the big game titles are showing as free items in Ovi Store of his Nokia N8 at least. It was a news that was too good to be true but still I touched the Ovi Store icon on my home screen and whoooaa… this was true. Not even games but everything was there for free like Nokia has gone into Santa mode post Christmas.


I was like what’s this? Even if Nokia might have gone this much generous for a while, the various App developers wont allow this and if something such was going to be happen then we blogger would have known the same earlier via developers, but nothing such was in air.

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Upcoming Symbian^3 updates, what and when?

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Even if every second blogger seems to be bashing over Nokia and their strategies, there is one thing that everyone seems to be curious about that what are those 50+ improvements that Nokia keeps talking about for first quarter of 2011. What are those 5 incremental planned updates throughout the year 2011 and what they gonna bring for you? Let’s try to catch some butterflies from here and there.


With that old community poll and design competition, we sure have a strong hint that what might be our MeeGo sweetheart hardware exterior design, even if one can neither be confirmed on the interiors hardware nor could be certain about the software UI part at least yet but you can’t deny that by these looks, its set to make people go crazy for sure. If Nokia could take a jump from 15 frames/second to 60 frames/second UI fresh rate while coming from Symbian^1 to Symbian^3, then sure there should be nothing that you can’t expect them to do, even if there would be some reasonable limitations of time and business logic.

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Layman take on Mobile Documents Vs Nokia Messaging – Good and bad

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Remember Mobile Documents by Visarc, whom Nokia invited to pilot their app on Nokia Beta Labs? The Cloud-boosted push mail and push documents to revolutionize the way, we see heavy attachments now days. Lots been said, lots been praised about it, while this is definitely a new approach, let’s see, if its really going to replace Nokia Messaging?

What Mobile Documents is?

Mobile Documents is the first and only to solve the #1 problem in email: handling of heavy attachments and documents. View and read heavy attachments instantly – without a download – via unconventional use of streaming technology. Save time, bandwidth and roaming cost. Traditional email offers download only but Mobile Documents offers an entire toolbox. On top of this we’re trying to create the best possible user experience to manage emails on your phone including attachments as well as sharing documents.

Let’s see the live demonstration of the app

The apps been here since a while though with arrival of their Symbian^3 version, they came up with two new features as well.

  1. Multi-Touch: Pinch zoom for viewing images, PDFs and Office Documents
  2. Notifications: Home Screen Widgets for all your email accounts plus optional sounds and/or alerts for news emails and/or documents

Installing Mobile Documents, some facts and troubleshooting issues

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Bye Bye 2010, welcome 2011

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While everyone was writing their part of farewell to 2010, I didn’t knew what I should write about it. There been a lot of things that I could have written about in this farewell post, a lot of things that happened in the year, a lot of feelings that I gone through, really a lot .. has happened to make the same year a memorable or probably one of the most crucial one for me.

happy new yearLet’s go through the flashback ..

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