Did the N8-01 with QWERTY just get leaked?

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Important: As Tom has already mentioned in the comments section, please take it as humor only post and not some official\unofficial leak. I’ve already explained that this may not be a Nokia at all. My point is mainly not about the ‘leak’, its about other things that I have gone through in the later section of the post.

Thanks to @mlymehta, we got reported of something special which happened today. Nokia’s PR agency, WOMWorld/Nokia had posted the below pictures on one of their blog posts, though they removed the same after a while, after a couple of reports. But yeah, a few were quick enough to take screenshots of the same like the one given below.


If you think that’s an E7-00, you’re wrong. Apart from the apparently lower screen size, the most prominent difference would be  the 3-Rw QWERTY in this, compared to the 4-Row QWERTY of the Nokia E7-00.


By the way, the image would’ve originated  from www.nokiasite.net possibly.

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Layman’s take-Solving Nokia N8 hard reset simplest possible way

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Update: Thanks to @duggalsunil for bringing this new post in reference of the issue in my notice. Its seems that N8 Hard Reset issue is a non-issue now and after hard reset/ 3 finger reset, one can easily restore Ovi Store etc by just checking into SW Update. If one gonna try the same, then please update me with your experience.

Qt while being core of upcoming awesomeness on Symbian, been a problem for it at the same time due the transition/development phase of tech as of now and one of the biggest issue been Nokia N8 Hard Reset. Let’s share my own experience about the same and the easiest solution around the same issue with official means.

After getting assurance from a few of blogs and official words, a few of us started getting convinced that Symbian^3 PR1.1 finally came to resolved the infamous Nokia N8 Hard Reset bug, but still many like me didn’t went for trying the same myself and last night it came out to be that we were right.

hard-reset-nokia-N8 Factory reset

While common sense said that if in place of going through the unofficial three finger hard reset, if one goes through the official factory reset (I added Delete data and restore), then it should not brick the phone, but thanks to transition phase and under development Qt, common sense doesn’t apply here.

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Layman’s take – Symbian PR3.0 teaser-the radical changes?

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Note: Wait! wait! Wait! if you are reading it for some exclusive things that you have not seen on web yet, then please stop here as its the same stuff that has been posted by MyNokiaBlog etc. Here I am just going to discuss some of the finer details on it.

So, after the note of caution, let me start with some old speculations around the next gen Symbian updates that were being called as Symbian^4 earlier but with the arrival of Stephen Elop, a lot of things got changed internally and the decision of dropping the name Symbian^4 was one of them. All the scheduled changes were going to be part of existing Symbian^3 itself in iterations and that’s how PR3.0 became something very radical than anything before.


Recently we seen some previews of PR3.0 a.k.a. radical changes in slide from Nokia itself and the teaser itself given a lot of hints about the coming UI, which made me to post a few comments about them.

Android/ iOS like sleek top UI:


This was one of the complaints that many like Symbian-Guru made that the top bar in Symbian UI was taking almost double of precious screen space than its competitors. Symbian was using bigger top bar to use them as interfaces to go into connection settings, calendar, profiles etc, but other platforms proven that the big bar wasn’t needed. But the same time, another frustration of users came out with Menu-under-menu system, when it was more text centric than being visual like other platforms.

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Nokia N8 received SW Update love again – Quick Search Update

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While I was looking at comments like Symbian is dead etc and was getting bored that there is nothing to talk about Symbian as of now, then a very prompt buddy of mine @Hardiklive tipped me that there is something new inside SW update of N8.

These updates are available for all Symbian^3 devices like C7, C6-01, E7 and … (I wont write the name 😉 )

xm8q35 2qwpmog

Trust me, whatever the update might be, we always feel excited if something new arrives for our Nokia N8. As of now, I am not only able to find the details as shown in screenshot and something more ….

There are four new app additions in Application manager as given below

  1. Messaging 1.58
  2. Conversation server 1.57
  3. Conversation Appl 1.57
  4. Video player 9.22 (53)

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Gravity build 6698 pushes the bars again with Push Notifications this time

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Sometimes it really looks like more than Nokia itself, its @janole, who always come forward to hold users with Symbian and this time, he couldn’t have used a better timing for me, when I with many of my friends was feeling down by the news of delayed PR 2.0. Yes! our most favorite Symbian Twitter client is updated again to build 6698 to add one of the most awaited feature Push Notifications.

Other than the minor updates in between, the big update was Gravity 1.50 build 6685 (I covered in details on December 19, 2010) and after around one month at January 26, 2011, the second major release was Gravity 1.50 build 6693, which I couldn’t cover as my marriage was on the same day and now today, February 18, 2011, not even one month completed and we see the big update Gravity 1.50 build 6698 that changes the way, you knew tweeting on symbian.


Sometime back Nokia also did announced their push solutions and related APIs, but on developer level those push features been available for Qt applications only and being a Symbian C++ application, it wasn’t an easy task for @janole to implement such a feature here, specially, when he was to go on his own. But when absence of split portrait qwerty input or a poor browser performance on symbian^3 wasn’t able to temper Gravity experience, how could have this mattered this time?

What are Push Notification and how they change the experience?

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Do not wait, No Symbian^3 PR2.0 in 2011 Q1

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Update 2: Thanks to our beloved @phonedaz (Damian Dining, the man behind awesome N8 camera), we have got some more updates on PR2.0 and this time it doesn’t look that bad, as I wrote in first go.PhoneDaz2


Though still no dates apart from the usual “early”, but we can believe on words of him for sure.


He also didn’t went for holding his opinions on Split Qwerty and Browser that seems more necessary for Symbian users than any kind of “radical UI changes” as of now. He confirmed that both of those most wanted features are a must part of next coming update that is coming before May/ June.

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More software update love for Nokia N8-MobilBox Pro and DAB Radio

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Yes! I am not talking about PR1.1, its something new that appeared on my Nokia N8 by today only.

swupdate n8

We know a little about DAB update as it first appeared with video subtitle support update back in Janaury 2011, but that time it was not available for Indian Nokia N8 units like mine. But this time looks like it got released worldwide finally.

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