PR2.0 teaser-Browser, Split Portrait QWERTY-Challenges

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While I always try to hold myself from echoing some news, this time it was hard enough for me to hold myself for not posting the recently leaked screenshots about upcoming PR2.0 browser and portrait split qwerty. Though we have already seen some leaks via Alex08 on MNB but screenshots always more precise than videos.

Some thoughts on new browser in PR2.0


What we see here in browser screenshot is a simple interface rather than going through a rather different approach than Desktop ones, who always had an address bar on top, while Nokia decided to go on own by keeping the same at below. Didn’t work well.

But just a top address bar is not all here. This is supposed to be a Omnibar combining search and address bar at one place like Chrome/ Opera/ Firefox doing on Desktop. Rather than a design shift, it was a necessary move with split QWERTY that will take the lower part of the screen.

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