Layman’s take-Solving Nokia N8 hard reset simplest possible way

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Update: Thanks to @duggalsunil for bringing this new post in reference of the issue in my notice. Its seems that N8 Hard Reset issue is a non-issue now and after hard reset/ 3 finger reset, one can easily restore Ovi Store etc by just checking into SW Update. If one gonna try the same, then please update me with your experience.

Qt while being core of upcoming awesomeness on Symbian, been a problem for it at the same time due the transition/development phase of tech as of now and one of the biggest issue been Nokia N8 Hard Reset. Let’s share my own experience about the same and the easiest solution around the same issue with official means.

After getting assurance from a few of blogs and official words, a few of us started getting convinced that Symbian^3 PR1.1 finally came to resolved the infamous Nokia N8 Hard Reset bug, but still many like me didn’t went for trying the same myself and last night it came out to be that we were right.

hard-reset-nokia-N8 Factory reset

While common sense said that if in place of going through the unofficial three finger hard reset, if one goes through the official factory reset (I added Delete data and restore), then it should not brick the phone, but thanks to transition phase and under development Qt, common sense doesn’t apply here.

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