Laymans take-Trying to look at Nokia and Microsoft move

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February 11, 2011 will be marked as one of the most remarkable day in history as finally against prediction of we all Nokia fans, bloggers and developers, Nokia actually announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Did it

This was being speculated since the day, ex-Microsoft Elop joined Nokia as CEO, but not many of us believed it considering the fact that Nokia just been in a partnership with Intel to develop MeeGo and was going big guns (at least in words) around Qt.

I was much tied up with my own arrangements and office works after a real long holiday just spent but there were still some readers, who wished to read my views on the whole scenario now, so I was push myself for “summarizing” that what’s Layman’s take on Nokia + Microsoft?

  1. Shocked community and outburst of emotions on “End” of Symbian journey
  2. What Nokia and Microsoft said officially on it?
  3. Should consumers bother if Symbian is no more a priority for Nokia now?
  4. What is this “War of Ecosystems” and why there were not much choices?
  5. What still seems to be risky for Nokia? What could go really wrong from here?
  6. Is this the end of Symbian era ?
  7. What about the promises made by Nokia to deliver the updates on symbian 3 platform?
  8. What about the much awaited symbian 3 overhaul?

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PR2.0 teaser-Browser, Split Portrait QWERTY-Challenges

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While I always try to hold myself from echoing some news, this time it was hard enough for me to hold myself for not posting the recently leaked screenshots about upcoming PR2.0 browser and portrait split qwerty. Though we have already seen some leaks via Alex08 on MNB but screenshots always more precise than videos.

Some thoughts on new browser in PR2.0


What we see here in browser screenshot is a simple interface rather than going through a rather different approach than Desktop ones, who always had an address bar on top, while Nokia decided to go on own by keeping the same at below. Didn’t work well.

But just a top address bar is not all here. This is supposed to be a Omnibar combining search and address bar at one place like Chrome/ Opera/ Firefox doing on Desktop. Rather than a design shift, it was a necessary move with split QWERTY that will take the lower part of the screen.

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PR1.1 speculations over, here is the big change-log for Nokia N8

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So friends, I am back to Delhi and so on my keyboard too. 🙂 Dammnn I missed you all so much. Let’s go through some of the important things that are buzz of town as of now.

Update: As I see many reporting that this update has not reached to them yet, I would like to mention that the official firmware 13.016 is already live on navifirm too as product external a.k.a. final release version. Size for Indian Dark Gray edition was around 154 mb. If can’t wait, then you can check out that directly (involves scary stuff like flashing etc).

Like I reported last time, PR1.1 indeed came to be not in January affair and not even an affair of February week one. While it was irritating to see that in the same manner as Swype first reached to Nokia C7, it was same story in case of PR1.1 too. Nokia C7 received it on February 3, while it took four days more to reach Nokia N8, when it happens to be almost the same update without any decent change in size. Reason was simple. C7 is a much smaller set of devices than Nokia N8 itself and it was better to settle the smaller set first.


Its been almost three month period between the old firmware and new firmware though most of the changes were under the hood and hard to spot except the ones mentioned by Nokia Conversations post, but still I managed to find a long list here.

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Sorry friends for long gap

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I know I been away from this blog in crucial moments when a Gravity update, PR1.1 hitted public release, the best looking ever Bubblelock app got released and some very much waited news is just around the corner. But let me assure you that I had a very good reason for the same.

I got married on january 26 with a lovely girl named Puja and rituals etc will still hold me from coming back before february 10. I guess that was worth an excuse for the gap 😉

Wanna thank you all for still keeping it in pace while I was absent on blog (been always available on twitter via @nkumar_) as we crossed 2,00,000 hits on 31 january, 2011 when last 1,00,000 was in just october 14, 2010. That’s a real huge for an indian individual blogger, who was never aided by Indian mobile PR Agencies except my good old friends at @womworldnokia. But still don’t mind as I kept it layman way as much possible than joining the professional ways of elites and that been what many were really looking for.

With 25k+ tweets and 400+ people to listen them, even twitter timeline been a happening place (special thanks to #twz gang like Pankaj, Krishna, Ashutosh, Sachin, Rounak, Abhinav, Arun, Siraj, Micky, Yogi, Ankur, Joe and many more whom I missed to mention here in fear that this wordpress app may crash. Did a couple of time)

I never thought to opt the common way of making another account just in name of blog. I been a real person, ready to interact with everyone who come to me with real emotions, real passions and wished to be remembered that way. Will always reply each comment, each mail and each tweet in my capacity.

The last year been the greatest one and this year going on top of that …. I am here again to ask you, what you want to say more via me …