Layman’s take: Nokia BH905i – How serious are you about music?

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I guess my readers wouldn’t have forgotten that I was reviewing a Nokia BH905i unit lately and the early impressions post was the initial sign of a good review coming soon. So, here I am, back again with the same weird look.


After giving me the opportunity of reviewing the Nokia BH905 in past, the great people at Womworld/Nokia decided to give me the treat of its successor, The Nokia Bluetooth Headset Flagship, the BH905i. And, it was obvious from my side to compare it with my past experiences with the Nokia BH905. Here’s a picture! (BH905 in left and BH905i in right)


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Symbian^3 receives another update PR1.2, still not THAT update

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Sorry friends for being away for a little longer while and specially sorry that I am still not done with the upcoming posts related to SGS, not even started yet. But will be back very soon.

Update: Sorry to bring the bad news again, but its almost confirmed now that there will be no PR2.0 before the summers that will be May/ June effectively. I know you wont believe me easily considering the recent rumors floating on the air, but there are big reasons to believe on it now.


If one only want to count the numbers then symbian^3 really been frequent about the updates than any other Symbian version ever been, but still since the day of launch, though the updates bring us a little smile here and there, still the wait for PR2.0 been making symbian lovers impatient.


Like now, Symbian^3 received another firmware update PR1.2 and this been such microscopic that it was hard to spot the changes on the user end though here goes the official change log.

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Gravity gets a minor update, Adds translation and Twitlonger support

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Update: This is only a pre-release which @janole needed to release to address some regional issues related to China users. The actual official update release will follow soon enough.

Gravity just got updated to build 6700 last night to add some of the most requested features.

Scr000177 Scr000175

Gravity 1.50 Build 6700 change log

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Yes, You heard it right- Samsung Galaxy S is in the house

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Yes! Samsung Galaxy S will be yet another name you will keep hearing  from now. For some, it might come as a surprise, for some it might bring a big smile on their faces and for almost all of the readers, it would kindle an utmost interest of my impressions about it, not the hardware but the software, Android. I know what are the expectations here, but you have to wait and don’t worry, I have bought it, so it’s not going to run anywhere.


The first thing that comes into one’s mind [those who know me pretty well], like how @m_krishna obviously commented, why to purchase? Then, it wasn’t an easy decision for me, considering the price of it. It costed me around 25,000 Rupees :(  But I had to do it someday, Indian PR agencies weren’t easy enough to approach and many of you really wanted me to have my hands over Android, WP7 and iOS as well. Above all, I bought it as a gift to someone special, so it’s worth all the price, isn’t it?

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#NokiaConnect-Nokia Find and Connect app coming soon

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It looks like the new Nokia Social is coming soon to redefine the meaning of social communication, through a new app named Nokia Find and Connect (Nokia’s new personal indoor social location service).


Picture source @gletham

More details about the same will start popping up over the internet very soon, as its already being demoed by many of the bloggers , but with what’s known so far, it tells us that this app defines your presence inside a room over WiFi [functioning as in-house GPS] and creates a connected sphere of people within. It connects you to people and their social networks using indoor positioning and much more, pretty cool right?

find and connect

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The Big PR2.0 Changelog for Nokia C7-00 RM-691 (With Screenshots, video added)

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Updated: Video added, check at the end

While in the last post, I’d reported about the availability of PR2.0 for T-mobile Nokia C7-00 RM-691, its time to go into the full details of  the Changelog with relevant screenshots here. (Thanks to Gaurav009 of Dailymobile forum).

Scr000002 c7_V20

Listing out the relevant changes (not listing all 18), screenshots and notes about them …

1. New portrait qwerty keyboard



Portrait QWERTY split input surely looks much better, richer and well spaced than @janole’s Gravity, hope it’s also responsive enough. Swype comes pre-installed as the default keyboard but its still a separate app and does require the restart of the device to enable it, not integrated into Keyboard as I wished earlier. But wait, the shocking part is you don’t get Swype for Portrait  mode as of now and we’re not sure if its available for split screen either.  (I guess its not).


The theme, you are watching here is an official one and many new themes with Midnight brandings are  going to appear in the list of themes from now on.

Though I am wondering that how the split screen portrait will work with conversation mode or third party applications like Nimbuzz.

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Exclusive-PR2.0 Firmware version 20.37 is live for C7-00 RM-691?

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We kept on hearing that PR2.0 is coming soon and in fact coming sooner than early summers, but finally we got a real proof of the same just now. It seems that Symbian^3 PR2.0, which should be some 20.xx version, has already arrived at the official Nokia Servers for quality assurance.

Our good old Navifirm helped us again to see this ourselves, though a confusion prevails. There are two products with the same name Nokia C7, but the one with RM-691, the T-Mobile version, seems to have gotten the firmware 20.37.

The available firmware version 20.37, are for the two product codes, 059F8H2 and 059H0B6.

Update: This  is the same model codenamed Tiger as reported by TMONews here. It seems that there will be many new devices on sale once PR2.0 gets out. Will 21-22 March be the date? Will the latest video from Womworld/Nokia hinting gaming geek Nokia X7-00 be out by the same date?


C7 Navifirm

As of now, I’m downloading the same before it  may begin to disappear. Rest will come later.

Update: Now, I have downloaded the files and kept it with myself if anyone needs them. The complete change log is mentioned in the next post, if you wanna see the full glory.

Download Link: Megaupload

Thanks for the tip @fatechangers