Laymans take: Unboxing Nokia BH-905i

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There has been a long gap after last time, I’d received a Nokia E5-00/BH-217 from the great folks (Lydia, Paul & Hugo this time) at Womworld/Nokia and they yet again heard of the child inside me craving for new gadgets. After the white E5-00 beauty, this time the show was in the name of the big Nokia BH-905i (the big brother of BH-905, I’d received in the past along with  the E72).


Don’t be fooled by the big box over which the DHL packet was kept upon, it’s just as big as the ones in the pictures below, not more than that 😉


Sometimes, I think why I love blue so much. Might be because Facebook is blue, Orkut sported a blue theme initially, twitter also had a blue tint or these blue Nokia boxes. Nokia Booklet 3G, Nokia N8-00, then the Nokia E5-00 and now this, the Nokia BH-905i.

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Panchang-A cool Indian Astrology App for your N8-lovely

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We all love apps, apps which simplify our lives or may be just fun to use. Almost everything that we been using on Desktops coming to our mobiles in one way or other and this time I spotted an Astrology App.


Its funny and act of high negligence on the company part that in the above official poster, while at one side we see Ovi then another side, there is an iPhone on the display (Some people don’t do their home works well), but the app itself is worth mentioning for.


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