Panchang-A cool Indian Astrology App for your N8-lovely

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We all love apps, apps which simplify our lives or may be just fun to use. Almost everything that we been using on Desktops coming to our mobiles in one way or other and this time I spotted an Astrology App.


Its funny and act of high negligence on the company part that in the above official poster, while at one side we see Ovi then another side, there is an iPhone on the display (Some people don’t do their home works well), but the app itself is worth mentioning for.


While it supports Nokia N8, but I guess they are not making use of typical S^3 features like pinch to zoom or kinetic scroll in areas, but still basics are here.


You see quite a rich screen here, with options of calendar, festivals, sunset and sunrise time, Rashi, predictions etc (many of the things, I don’t know so cant comment).


While its good that it recognizes your taps on tiny buttons as well, the above is the calendar screen. Notice the colored icon for March 20, 2011 that is Holi. I wonder, which of the festivals are they choosing for such special treatments? Obviously not all of them.


It must be a bug that its showing the festivals as of 2010 otherwise, the dates are of 2011 actually.


For the interested people, there are Astro predictions of signs and interesting part is, in no place the UI feels like some wrt or web based kind of.


There is a tiny type media gallery too though as I mentioned earlier, it lacks any kind of S^3 wow factor here, but still its here for pre-installed pictures only.



As mentioned in the poster, you can download the same from Ovi Store and I am sure that it should be available for rest of Nokia Smartphone (touch/ non-touch etc) as well.

So, do you wanna try?? Or wanna tell me about any other such “hat ke” app? Do tell me.


8 thoughts on “Panchang-A cool Indian Astrology App for your N8-lovely

  1. Please make one for Android too. I know Iphone app takes priority but I feel android has a bigger market now.

    Even I will plan to promote the app! Will look forward to seeing it in market soon.

  2. Hi nitish,

    It is a good app and a very good start. i have the app installed on my Blackberry Playbok and it is working nicely.

    improvements requested.

    1. First of all the settings should allow you to save your country and location settings. currently it is not doing so.
    2. Second it should also display the correct time according to the timezone of the country and location/city/town selected and saved.
    3. hrid Festivals currently show in small boxes for all 12 months – it would be nice a have a zoom feature from within the section. If i click. touch a month, then it should open up in a bigger window with more details
    4. can we have monthly forcasts?

    Also anyone working on an app preaching Hinduism, Bhagvad GITA summary and details etc.
    similarly Vasthu Sashtra

    I have seen several other religious apps out there BUT NONE on HINDUISM. vary sad to see that

    PLEASE do something if possible

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