The Big PR2.0 Changelog for Nokia C7-00 RM-691 (With Screenshots, video added)

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Updated: Video added, check at the end

While in the last post, I’d reported about the availability of PR2.0 for T-mobile Nokia C7-00 RM-691, its time to go into the full details of  the Changelog with relevant screenshots here. (Thanks to Gaurav009 of Dailymobile forum).

Scr000002 c7_V20

Listing out the relevant changes (not listing all 18), screenshots and notes about them …

1. New portrait qwerty keyboard



Portrait QWERTY split input surely looks much better, richer and well spaced than @janole’s Gravity, hope it’s also responsive enough. Swype comes pre-installed as the default keyboard but its still a separate app and does require the restart of the device to enable it, not integrated into Keyboard as I wished earlier. But wait, the shocking part is you don’t get Swype for Portrait  mode as of now and we’re not sure if its available for split screen either.  (I guess its not).


The theme, you are watching here is an official one and many new themes with Midnight brandings are  going to appear in the list of themes from now on.

Though I am wondering that how the split screen portrait will work with conversation mode or third party applications like Nimbuzz.

2. Near Filed Communication(NFC) is present in Connectivity.

Not much of an addition here, it’s just activating the NFC hardware chip, though I’m not sure if any particular app has been provided to understand and use it, for the end users.

3. Switching of Home Screens is much smoother.

Yes! It’s the same update we’ve already seen in earlier videos. Implementation of  the home screen has changed a bit, from the back-end though there are no additional Home screens. This is going to change the implementation of widgets a bit, but no visible effects for the end users as of now.

4. Pre loaded games– Fruit Ninja Lite, Labrynth 3D Lite, Doodle Fit and Action Bowling Demo.

The pre-loaded games offerings will change product to product and region to region, but Nokia seems to be emphasizing on providing some of the free versions to show off the gaming capabilities of Symbian^3 devices.


5. Kinetic scrolling is much more smoother and gives a nice effect at end-of-list.

Some of the mods already are doing a fair job on it, but sure it’s of course nicer to get the official solution. Animations are going to fill into the Symbian UI in the coming days whenever there’s a chance. After all, that’s where Nokia is getting bashed and Symbian^3 devices are fast enough to handle the same.

6. Re-arrangement and a couple of newer addition to Photos.


Nokia and Symbian are working towards minimizing the taps needed to perform a task in whole of the UI and you find an intermediate solution here. With PR1.1, change of the viewing mode to 3 photos in a row was for some purpose, as you can see here.

When you touch on photos, you get the photos previewed like the left hand screenshot than getting usual All/ Albums/ Tags. It’s of course a small change but a better approach and a postitive sign to show that Nokia knows that where they are failing.

Note that this arrangement into albums was always there, nothing new, but the way to do the same is new.

7. Java Version is updated to 2.2 from 2.1.

It’s obvious that one is not gonna get something getting changed drastically, but this contributes for a better browser performance and smoother experience. Though the Flash version is same here, 4.0.

8. Data cable driver for your windows PC seems to be changed as reported.

There should be some changes with the tech, but I’m not sure what that might be.

9. Quick office is updated to 6.4.279 from 6.4.166;  Adobe reader showing up as v10.0.104


The change of version in Quick Office doesn’t ring a bell, but the chage in Adobe reader comes with a big big surprise here, as so far, there’s been only LE2.5 versions. If Adobe’s announcements for Flash player for Android are to be believed, then maybe an Adobe reader 10 is here and will bring the same improved performance and also a big boost to browsers as well, though not available yet with the firmware release, I guess.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what it brings.


Though most of us will say that any kind of upgrade is always welcome. Did you notice the new Adobe Icons (same as current desktop version)? Definitely, Nokia E7 like phones are going to enjoy this very much. Gives us a hint that why Nokia wanted to release Nokia E7 with PR2.0 only.

10. A little loading animation is there when we click some application


I don’t have any idea that how much people like me regard such animations, but I’m sure that many pointed out Symbian as a boring OS due to lack of such animations only. But honestly speaking, this is not effective as of now. But anyways, PR3.0 has big hopes on it.

11. Web browser updated to v7.3.1.20 from V7.2


The browser UI has undergone some big changes, but shockingly this one seems not to be the Qt browser as many expected it to be or may be I am wrong about it. The bookmark section is the same boring one as the earlier version and no home page carrying up visual bookmarks like iOS, Android or even like our Opera is seen.

Here’s the most recent official demo of the browser:

I know some will call this the browser they were just waiting for while I really want to hear more about this browser updates, because as of now, it doesn’t seem really ground breaking. There is no Tabbed browsing even now, at least in the sense we know tabs (multiple windows in place of tabs) A good step though, but not enough.

Correction: Considering the way, “tabs” are implemented in Opera, I think we should call it a tabbed browser.

12. New Music Player updated to 16.10.38 from 16.10.11


Well! It feels like only version numbers have neem changed without adding much into functionalities. Custom presets seem not available even now though the speed and performance must have been improved here. There are some good changes in the visual library from inside and outside as well, though I still had to get a real screenshot or video of the same from somewhere.

13. All new icons [it’s proved from an Official Source that it’s ready]

Note that this might not be part of PR2.0.


The picture you are watching above is from the official Nokia Spain blog, here goes the link for the post. Well, it may make the device look a bit newer, but its not ground breaking as many themes were out there already for doing the same.


Interesting is to see the split input in action for real from an official source this time, shows that the design is finished and we should see the real thing in our hands very soon, very very soon.

Update: From the same source, we have received some more details about changes in this particular firmware. Adding into the changelog here:

14. Its possible to use animation files as screen saver

This feature was already available in S603rd Edition V2 like Nokia N86, but as I’d specifically pointed out in my Nokia N8 impressions post that Symbian^3 was missing the same capability even on having this as option, it seems like they’ve fixed the UX issues related to this.

Is Animated background coming next?

15. Re-arrangement of Menu is possible now

With symbian, it was easy to organize the apps in any order we wish, but when it comes to Menu then the layout was fixed always. If Gra92 from the Dailymobile forums is to be believed, you can use long press in Menu for moving the options up and down. Cool!

16. Nokia Custom Dictionary is working with PR2.0

I am not sure if it was not working with the current version, but  people are mentioning it. So yeah.

17. All new Mail client with many changes

As you can see in video, with the great kinetic scroll, PR2.0 seems to be bringing a much immersive interface than earlier.

18. New Wifi Calling Added

I am wondering if we gonna see something like Facetime here in future. Not there yet but Nokia seems to be working over communications.

And finally the video demo of C7 running PR2.0 …

I am still wondering that why no one trying to show off swype here, neither in screenshots nor in video. It seems to be alarming condition and look like Swype not ready yet for the prime time with split input.

So, this is what has changed for Nokia C7-00 RM-691 till now with Symbian^3 PR2.0. Note that the same firmware should work well with other non T-mobile versions as well. So, is anyone gonna dare?


22 thoughts on “The Big PR2.0 Changelog for Nokia C7-00 RM-691 (With Screenshots, video added)

  1. It is sad that browser won’t have tabbed browsing and opera doesn’t have multi touch. Its arrgghhh… :@

    But i’m happy to see that rearrangement thing in photos. It’l help people like me a lot who have more than 2500 photos in their phone.

    1. It has tabbed browsing similar to Opera, just not desktop firefox kind of.

      Album options been always here, its just that the default opening shot would be all photos

  2. This is it?? hey buddy what about the 50+ Addon?
    what about the new calender? is the same?

    New portrait qwerty keyboard
    Tabbed Browsing 🙂
    Overall good Performance
    Bug fix.

    Broswer not at par with Android or Iphone
    Music Player ( Albums Sorting still not available)
    Music Player Custom preset??
    Video player and camera overhaul?

    Anyways lets wait and watch.
    Thanks buddy for making raw data into Information 🙂

    Keep us posted..:)

  3. i update my c7 pr 2 working fast but stil there to many bugs. like some calling problem. and skype and numbuzz voice call not working .

  4. Hey I’m wondering about this T-mobile thing. My brother bougth C7 and he got that 1.2pr now but is is possible to flash T-mobile C7 update to European C7 (Finland) or what will hapen if everything didn’t go as planed? That my brother phone will get crashed? Or black out what ever

    1. Mate. The update wasn’t for C7 itself but for C7-01 that is actually a different version than yours.

      There would be issues related to calling function and wifi connectivity so it’s not recommended.

  5. hey buddy I’m so much excited 2 upgrade my C7.but don know where to download d flash files.could u pls provide me with d exact link? Pls pls pls.respond 2 my reply.dude i mean d firmware tat works wit Indian cell phone carriers like airtel,docomo etc. And not t mobile

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