Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 3): Multimedia, Camera, Browser and Android Market

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Before I start this part of the review, I’d yet again want to thank you all for appreciating the last post whole heartedly. Especially when I hear that you like the layman-ish take of the review, it indeed feels good and is a big compliment to the blog itself. Thanks again and keep supporting like this.

For everyone who are new to the post, let me give you a quick heads up here. I’ve been doing an extensive review series of the Galaxy S and this is the third part of the same. Here are the first two posts in case you’d want to check them out:

Samsung Galaxy S: Multimedia


The 3D Photo Gallery of Android is really impressive. There’s so much in it that I could even write a full post about it. Picasa integration, effortless sharing (not only with the services but with various apps as well) are some of those features which make the Android Gallery stand apart from other platforms.


How cool and fluid this interface feels like just can’t be put in words, and it can only be felt by using it with your fingers. As I couldn’t  make a video myself, I’ve just added one from the web. (not from my Galaxy S).

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Annoying Orange is back with a bang, reaching Ovi Store very soon

Now don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the Annoying guy already. The annoying orange is here, the very same guy who just can’t stop bragging about all his coolness, but still makes you smile and laugh. Yep, the orange is finally back with a bang and will make an appearance in the Ovi Store very soon. And it might be as soon as today.

Received the official words a few mins back.

Chatterboxing is launched in the Ovi store today!

We wanted you to be the first to know – Chatterboxing with the Annoying Orange will be officially launching today on the Ovi store. Thanks to your feedback and testing, we’ve made a few changes and you can now check out all the new details on – including winning badges and points for outlasting the Champion of Chat!

In celebration, the official Real Annoying Orange YouTube channel has uploaded a special episode in partnership with Ovi and Nokia- check it out here:

So… Are you gonna mess up with this fellow here? I bet you surely want to. 🙂

Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 2): The Android – The first impressions

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So here starts the most interesting part for the readers and most challenging part for myself, A long time Symbian user’s take on Android from the first impression to the finer details.


I’m calling it Most interesting because many of you out there really want to  know if Android is worth trying or not. What are the WOW things in the Operating System and what lies beneath.

So, A layman’s take on Android for people completely new to Android becomes much more necessary than it was for Symbian^3. Making a decision to leave an ecosystem is never going to be easy and trusting only expert reviews isn’t enough.

Note: Most of the views expressed here will be in reference of out of the box Galaxy S experience, so I would not be able to comment on variations and features of Android versions out there. Also, I am also new to Android like most of you are.

Are you ready for Android?

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WOW! Gravity (Build 6712) got Auto Fill names and auto Caps

Update: @janole just released the another version Gravity 1.5 Build 6712 for giving the same auto completion love to S60 v3 phones and some improvements for S60 V5/ S^3 as well.


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Sorry friends, I am not covering Symbian PR2.0 for now

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I know many of you expecting me to write on the same, but the delay in delivery is as disappointing to me as it is for you. Specially when we already seen three products (one even in retail market) with new version of software, while we all “early adapters” a.k.a. “experiment animals” (as in words of a reader) are kept waiting.

It hurts to see Symbian and Symbian users in such state as a new browser or portrait qwerty like things are no such things that should have come to Symbian now. I still consider browser as just fine but lack of even decent input system is getting unforgiveable now.

If any of those Symbian developers ever would have tried to type for a captcha on some site, then they would have chosen not to release any of the touch device rather than releasing such a shameless input system.

Yes! I am extremely sorry, if you wished me to write about the minor details of the upcoming update or to extract the info from the official blog or videos to deliver them in layman’s language, I am not covering the news as of now.

In no way, I am done with Symbian. I still have my Nokia N8, Nokia N82 close to me and still will keep on reviewing Nokia devices (specially looking for E7-00 though been in waiting list till now), but reading\ writing about PR2.0 now only increases frustrations. So.. having a break.

And yes! like I said on April 10-11, be assured, PR2.0 is coming in May and most probably week 1.

Sorry again.

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Layman’s take on Samsung Galaxy S (Part 1) – The Hardware – First impressions

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I know I know.. I been terribly late on this post and that’s been haunting me in all those moments whenever I was reading my daily mails. I myself was feeling the curiosity of you all, but its the office work and family life that kept me busy enough and also I wished to start the post after I get adjusted to new things comprehensively. It wasn’t easy at all.

To know the things on the other side of table that been luring you all, but still switching the boat makes you feel like leaving a job, you been working on since years. You sometimes hate it, but still not sure if how the things will workout when you go out. Something similar was the decision of purchasing an Android as the next device.

Android is pulling all the momentum behind it and everyone keeps on hearing the words around it, but how much worth it is to take the risk??

Many reviews on the web to know a thing or two about it, but still how to trust, when each second one happens to be a fanboy or those paid PRs? For sake of all such people and most importantly for myself, there was only one way out.. to take the bet myself, a bet of 25000 INR to know and tell the things on the other side. (Review unit?? Don’t even ask me about these Indian "Social Experts")

The teaser about the package stayed long on my blog and many of you friends kept on waiting that when I will officially open the box even if you knew that I started using it before posting thoughts about it (That’s why no official unboxing). But it was necessary for me to settle down my thoughts before I start writing about it. Pros and Cons… as entering into a new world was meant to be much for each one of us.

So here goes the first impression post about SGS as I felt about it…

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Be connected with Layman’s Take via SMS Notifications

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I know like me, even you would be excited, when you will come to know that now there is one more way to  be connected with Layman’s Take: SMS Notifications. (Thanks to Google, who made this possible)


Click on the above image to subscribe or following the link. Be assured that this will never get involved in any kind of spamming as even I feel annoyed with any kind of useless SMSs, so I know how readers will feel, if happened so after the subscription. It will just ask for your Gmail login and mobile number and will make use of generic Google Labs service.

Take a look over the Google Labs SMS services, worth checking out. You can find many blogs there.

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