Gravity 1.50 build 6702-Inbuilt YouTube player, Auto-expansion of longer tweets

Update: @janole has released quite a few iterations in this shorter while and going though 6701->6702->6702->6705, Gravity v1.50 Build 6705 is the latest one. The Youtube player now would play in the Gravity browser as well and quite a many minor bugs with the player itself got fix.

What would have been a better way to celebrate the second birthday of Gravity (though the first private beta was released on Feb 19, 2009, but the first official version was launched on March 30, 2009).

New Gravity

Yup! Finally its here, the inbuilt YouTube preview feature I was talking about in the last gravity post of mine and some of the more awesome features like auto-expanding of links ( was already there in build 6700).

So, just like how it goes, I am back to cover the change log Smile

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