Be connected with Layman’s Take via SMS Notifications

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I know like me, even you would be excited, when you will come to know that now there is one more way to  be connected with Layman’s Take: SMS Notifications. (Thanks to Google, who made this possible)


Click on the above image to subscribe or following the link. Be assured that this will never get involved in any kind of spamming as even I feel annoyed with any kind of useless SMSs, so I know how readers will feel, if happened so after the subscription. It will just ask for your Gmail login and mobile number and will make use of generic Google Labs service.

Take a look over the Google Labs SMS services, worth checking out. You can find many blogs there.

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Layman’s take on Ovi chat for Symbian^3-Works Great!

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Yup! its finaaaaaaaaaally here. After a really long wait, Ovi Chat for Symbian^3 devices has made its way to the  public release.


Most of us expected otherwise, and it’s surprising to see that Ovi Chat has made its way through the Ovi Store and not from Nokia Betalabs first, just as how it has always been, since a while. This shows that the client was ready much before the release daye but didn’t go public for some reasons, little known to you and me. (maybe the Yahoo! deal or something else).


The installation will not only bring the app to your Symbian device, but will also include a very productive home screen widget as well. A widget that can set your status, show you unread chat messages in short and the take care of all the services registered. Check out the above screenshots to see how it shows the last unread chat with time stamp as well. Neat.

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