Sorry friends, I am not covering Symbian PR2.0 for now

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I know many of you expecting me to write on the same, but the delay in delivery is as disappointing to me as it is for you. Specially when we already seen three products (one even in retail market) with new version of software, while we all “early adapters” a.k.a. “experiment animals” (as in words of a reader) are kept waiting.

It hurts to see Symbian and Symbian users in such state as a new browser or portrait qwerty like things are no such things that should have come to Symbian now. I still consider browser as just fine but lack of even decent input system is getting unforgiveable now.

If any of those Symbian developers ever would have tried to type for a captcha on some site, then they would have chosen not to release any of the touch device rather than releasing such a shameless input system.

Yes! I am extremely sorry, if you wished me to write about the minor details of the upcoming update or to extract the info from the official blog or videos to deliver them in layman’s language, I am not covering the news as of now.

In no way, I am done with Symbian. I still have my Nokia N8, Nokia N82 close to me and still will keep on reviewing Nokia devices (specially looking for E7-00 though been in waiting list till now), but reading\ writing about PR2.0 now only increases frustrations. So.. having a break.

And yes! like I said on April 10-11, be assured, PR2.0 is coming in May and most probably week 1.

Sorry again.

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5 thoughts on “Sorry friends, I am not covering Symbian PR2.0 for now

  1. i feel nokia intensionaly delaying the pr 2.0 update as they dont have any solid plans of rolling out pr 3.0 which is supposed to be bringing out new ui 😀

  2. Go to hell nokia, i sold my n8 one week ago. And I take my HTC Desire HD now, So amazing!..

    N8 just failure of Support!

    No search in music player, No RAM, no Good CPU, no good HD Games, no touch sense, Just a shitty 12mpix bla bla.


  3. nokia should do something for their symbian 3..the ui is just so lame when comparing with other smartphones like the android or ios .
    Except for the features nd stuff,symbian 3 models just suck ..

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