Annoying Orange is back with a bang, reaching Ovi Store very soon

Now don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the Annoying guy already. The annoying orange is here, the very same guy who just can’t stop bragging about all his coolness, but still makes you smile and laugh. Yep, the orange is finally back with a bang and will make an appearance in the Ovi Store very soon. And it might be as soon as today.

Received the official words a few mins back.

Chatterboxing is launched in the Ovi store today!

We wanted you to be the first to know – Chatterboxing with the Annoying Orange will be officially launching today on the Ovi store. Thanks to your feedback and testing, we’ve made a few changes and you can now check out all the new details on – including winning badges and points for outlasting the Champion of Chat!

In celebration, the official Real Annoying Orange YouTube channel has uploaded a special episode in partnership with Ovi and Nokia- check it out here:

So… Are you gonna mess up with this fellow here? I bet you surely want to. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Annoying Orange is back with a bang, reaching Ovi Store very soon

  1. hi sir.
    i dont like touch phone at all. So my type of phone is nokia e52. All the feature i like is in it. Before i purchase it i went to various website to check review some complained firmware problem some other thing . Will you please suggest of phone non touch non qwety . Which will contain all the features like nokia e52 or should i buy this

    1. E52 is quite a nice deal and my younger bro is satisfied with the same. Though less internal memory is an issue.

      I will still prefer the cheaper but better QWERTY E5 in 9k

  2. hello nitish,
    i have a n8. I recently did a reset using ‘restore factory settings’ coz i had a problem with messages getting stuck in the outbox. But now although that problem is fixed but my videos update is gone and its not showing in sw update either. Is there any way to download it directly ?

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