Laymans take on Nokia E7-BIG overview from a Nokia N8 user

Its been quite a while now, since I had Nokia E7-00 in my hands (Thanks to awesome people at Womworld/Nokia) and I was intentionally delaying the post till now as wished to start the review only after getting used to it in real life terms. So, after around 2 weeks, this is the right time.

Nokia E7-00: The box

The another blue box and by putting Nokia N8’s box (on the left in picture) in side, I am already clarifying that the whole review will keep the Nokia N8 experience in mind. A perspective that most of you wished to listen.


While this time, the box is smaller on horizontal scale than already small Nokia N8 box, it’s a bit thicker. Also in place of dark and elegant engraving like Nokia N8\ Nokia N900, Nokia chosen the colorful ways to show off the feature that makes the difference, the HW QWERTY.

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Magic! Gravity build 6757 bring name substring search for Autocomplete

This is never a coincidence, never been .. whenever.. consistently whenever Symbian fans felt down .. there was always a name Gravity that always strikes back to bring the confidence in Symbian… to bring the confidence that there is still something that we lead into. Yes! anyone can guess that what I am talking about … yes! Gravity got a new update and this time, this is sure worth talking about.


Finally, @janole recently has started delivering in-app updates about which he has been shy in past due to piracy issues and so rather than looking at the blog posts, users can directly get the latest version from gravity from Gravity itself. And yes, a short change log is also there as follows:

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