Magic! Gravity build 6757 bring name substring search for Autocomplete

This is never a coincidence, never been .. whenever.. consistently whenever Symbian fans felt down .. there was always a name Gravity that always strikes back to bring the confidence in Symbian… to bring the confidence that there is still something that we lead into. Yes! anyone can guess that what I am talking about … yes! Gravity got a new update and this time, this is sure worth talking about.


Finally, @janole recently has started delivering in-app updates about which he has been shy in past due to piracy issues and so rather than looking at the blog posts, users can directly get the latest version from gravity from Gravity itself. And yes, a short change log is also there as follows:

New Features:

  • Auto completion now with substring match
  • Symbols/Smileys for S60v3 via Colon char ":"

Improvements from last version:

  • Auto-completion sorting your hash-tags/ friends first
  • Twitter browser now up to 64 pages

Let’s discuss the features in a little more details ….

Auto completion now with substring match:

Having taste of all four leading OS’es, I could assure you that this is very unique to Gravity only. Sub-string search means now even if you miss to type the exact handle, even a part of the string will do…


Like in place of @nkumar_, if you type only @kum and I am in your friend-list thenyou will find @nkumar_ appearing in suggestions like the above screenshot. You just can’t imagine how much this helps. Even auto completion of handles was a great enhancement and this just make it so sweet…

My Suggestion While @janole taken note of my suggestion on soundex search, I guess its still can be improved by adding one more thing that is name search along with handles. Twitter for iOS already does that.

Symbols/Smileys for S60v3 via Colon char ":"

This was the another demand that S60V3 users been making since Gravity keyboard awarded some sweet smiley love to touch users. Earlier even I was wondering that how @janole will implement auto-completion on non-touch phones without affecting the beauty of Gravity interface on the smaller screens and when he made it like so natural, then smileys was kind of obvious to expect for in next …


How it functions? Just naturally… type ":" (colon character) and you will get the options as shown in above screenshot, press up key and the first one will be selected and will get green, then left/right arrows and then you will get more options with smileys… sweet isn’t it?

While S60V5 or S^3 users already enjoying the same feature via tapping and holding on "p" character of Gravity Keyboard, let me tell you @janole been partial in showing love over S60v3 users this time by awarding them a few smileys more.

Auto-completion sorting your hash-tags/ friends first:

This is a backend enhancement in the list preparation for auto-complete as been suggested to @janole with release of Auto-Complete for the first time and it didn’t took long to him for finally implementing the same. Auto-completion is now first showing the hashtags you’ve used and then the ones from your friends/timeline.

Let’s understand what it is…

In gravity, whenever you fire up the keyboard, it creates a list of hashtags and friends from your timeline at runtime, which provides you the suggestions while typing. What has been changed this time, is the sorting of suggestions with giving priority to your hash-tags and friends rather than all present in your timeline.

Twitter browser now up to 64 pages:

While only a few advanced users will make use of this feature, one should take a note that now Gravity can go up 64 pages deep level of conversations.


If you didn’t get it then let me make a little more clear.. check the top screen of above screenshot and notice the Browser(59) written on the top.. the Gravity can dig deeper up to 64 pages now means you can go along with very very long conversation chain now, longer than even you could have imagined.

In addition to above features @janole also hinted me about one firewall related enhancement but as this is under testing and wasn’t affecting to most of the people, he skipped to add the same in mentions.

What’s more in works? Possible upcoming features …

Theme support: Yes! if you look over timeline of @janole, then you can find that there is much more coming soon… like today’s talk with @kchwan about .gt files (theme files of Gravity) shows that it wont be much far when @janole might consider to open Gravity for new themes and even third party/ independent themers.


Check out the above new look for Gravity by @dedyradix‎… obviously not official one… not released yet, but shows that what could be done.

Miso support: This been a thing that I been constantly requesting from @sniyogi and @janole both since long. Finally it seems that Miso service support coming soon to Symbian via Gravity.


For people, unaware of Miso, this is a social network service for entertainment (kind of GetGlue, if you are aware of it). Here you can check-in into the movies, TV Episodes, Series etc, could read about them.. could discuss or comment over them… earn points etc like foursquare.

Believe me .. it’s a fun service.. if you try that then don’t miss to add me.

So, this was all about the new Gravity version 1.51 Build 6757, which be downloaded via in-app update inside Gravity or Ovi Store or direct download links like or usual permanent URL for updated builds ..

Anything more you wanna add for @janole about the most awesome app on Symbian? Do tell me @nkumar_ or follow @janole himself. Gravity deserves comments.. isn’t it?


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