Nokia N8\E7\C7\C6-01 finally got Symbian Anna, Next Monday will bring more for N8

Update: As many of you might be reading from comments and twitter, yes! Symbian Anna is now available via OTA, via Ovi Suit and via Nokia Software Updater and its available not only for Nokia N8 but for Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 as well.


In addition, @phoneDaz from Nokia has confirmed that Symbian Anna update on Nokia N8 will follow one more update within few days (upcoming monday, August 22, 2011) to bring Continuous Auto Focus and 30 fps video.


So, you may be assured that Nokia is not only meant to keep Nokia N8 on top of imaging devices but also will to stay on it. Wait till Monday and keep an eye over Nokia Conversation blog.

It was April 12, 2011, when I wrote that Sorry Friends, I am not covering Symbian PR2.0 as of now, then it was a matter of laugh for some of the people as my blog was getting top attention about the PR2.0 as I was one of those first people who posted that its not coming before Summer.

But more than blog hits, it was an annoying experience for me as well and was useless to point the delay in every next post, so I decided to put a full stop over Symbian PR2.0 a.k.a. Symbian Anna now and today I am happy that I kept my promise.


Yes! today, when I am here to write a post about Symbian Anna then it means that Symbian Anna is finally here for Nokia N8 and its NOT a leaked firmware only but an official one. I am still calling it an official one even if its not available via OTA or Ovi Suit which are official methods because it has arrived via Nokia Care Suit as well (Nokia Care Suit is the software that Nokia Care Center Guys use to flash Nokia Phones, an amazing piece of software).


Though I could have used the Navifirm files as well (available for Indian Users as of now), but I preferred to go via Nokia Care Suit, only to find later on that it could have worked without downloading again, if I have placed the firmware files at %Program Files%\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products

Anyway, for the people, who are not aware about Nokia Care Suit and scared that it might brick their phone, I would like to say that its been a pretty stable method for me so far and reliable as it downloads official and final firmwares only rather the half baked or beta one.

Still it will be at your risk, if you wanna try it right now like me. Though I have already covered Symbian Anna in details with my Nokia Oro post, but will keep on updating this post, if I find some differences.

Till then, enjoy as the long long long wait is over.


59 thoughts on “Nokia N8\E7\C7\C6-01 finally got Symbian Anna, Next Monday will bring more for N8

  1. Does my N8 need the same pc as those files?
    Which languages are available?
    Will this change the pc?

    I’m looking forward to get Anna. Maybe I’ll use this way.

  2. Please keep us informed about your N8 Anna experiences the coming days.
    You said on Twitter that GPS fixes are slower (approximately 1 Minute). Is that still the case?

    We are still waiting for Anna in Europe 🙂

      1. Symbian anna is not available through OVI here in Kuwait, however Over the air it is available and I just started downloading it from the phone…Strange


      1. thanks. its available. and i just started downloading. but, is it alright if i want to cancel it? just in case i want to cancel it.

  3. Updated to Anna on my N8, overall impression good, still not comes even close to Android, -i-e- Galaxy s2.
    Even there are two glaring omissions-
    -No Adobe reader
    -No Quickoffice
    They were present in the earlier firmware, with the quickoffice editor. Shame on nokia for this backwards step.

    1. guys who lost office and adobe follow this : advance your phone date to one week and check software update….there are 4 updates symbian anna(1/2) symbian anna (2/2) ovi store and social….total 51mb…..quick office and adobe (split screen key board and multi-touch zoom support) communicator,ovistore,social,notifications,internet radio included………you need to change date coz once you refresh software update app in a date it will not show any new updates even if there are till like a day or two so advance your device date and refresh software update app and you will be promted with above mentioned apps…..enjoy 🙂

  4. Hi

    “” there are 4 updates symbian anna(1/2) symbian anna (2/2) ovi store and social….total 51mb…..””

    When i tried to update i got a message that 3 updates failed & only Social was installed .

    I tried it from Mobile as well as from Pc using OVI suite .

    Has anyone met with this error

    Plz help

  5. @AJAS
    bro, which phone do u have? Bc i got the same problem. I downloaded it, but failed when installing.:( help us Nitish. Without this, we wont having split-screen.:(

  6. Fast forwarded to 22.08.2011, and got the 51 mb 4-part download, and QuickOffice/Adobe Reader are back!
    However, the Search application is not as good as it used to be. Earlier, I could do a phone number search to identify a contact, but now it doesn’t seem to be possible.

  7. i updated it from phone first . After restarting the software update showed 4 updates . Two was for symbian anna , social and ovi store . When updated only social succeeded and other failed . After changing the dates and all nothing happened . Then i connected the phone ti pc using ovi suite and tried to update and got the error that package error . After that i re-installed the anna using ovi store , but even after that the above three updates is shown in the phone software update but cannot be installed .
    My phone is nokia n8

      1. i m facing same problem. when i start nokia software update there is no update for nokia n8 and when i start ovi suite three updates are shown but a error comes faulty updates. plz help how can i finilize all the updates

  8. I had OTA update, missed on Quickoffice, Adobe reader, i tried ovi suite, it showed no updates. I clicked to reinstall the firmware via ovi suite, it downloaded 260-270mb data, then showed, “the software cannot be installed, restart the software update”. When i restarted it, it displayed that some major error has occured, try lator. Then ovi did not detect my n8 phone, detatched it from pc, and i was unable to light up its screen, held the power button for 8sec there were 3 vibrations, pressed the power button to switch it on, it vibrated once then no response. Have i bricked my n8? What should i do now?

    1. It seems to be bricked. you need to go via Nokia suit as I posted in this post.

      Download it from the link password “genuine”

      Then go into refurbish section. if all is well then you will get back your phone like new.

      If not succeed via this then need to try Phonix treatment and use dead flash option.

      Regards Nitish Kumar @nkumar_

      1. Nitish, you are great, your advice worked, and cured my ailing Nokia N8
        Actually I had already given it to Nokia Care Centre at my place,before putting up my post here, but the next day I was told that they would need to send it to higher centre, in fact they did not even know anything about Anna update, they were still hung up on PR 1.2 dated March 2011.
        I just got it back from them, and tried the procedure told by you above, and I was able to revive my phone using the recovery mode.
        Thanks a lot, Nitish, for your kind advice.

  9. नमस्ते.
    नये सिम्बियन अ‍ॅना में देवनागरी साहित्य देखना तथा लिखना संभव कराया है क्या?
    मोबाइल रिव्ह्यू लिखने वाले सभी मित्रों से नम्र निवेदन है कि भारतीय बाजार के किसी भी मोबाइल फ़ोन के बारे में लिखते समय उसकी देवनागरी तथा इंडिक सामग्री दर्शन / लेखन समर्थता के बारे में अवश्य टिप्पणी दें. यदि न हो तो उसके लिए उस कम्पनी को उचित दोष भी दें.
    इसी तरह के सामाजिक दबाव से हम हमारी भाषाओं को सम्मानपूर्वक प्रस्थापित कर सकेंगे – जो कि आज की घडी में पूर्णतः विस्थापित हैं.

  10. Hi Nitish,

    Is the Nokia Care Suite you provided a modified version? There seems to be a lot of different modified versions out on the Internet, and I wanted to check first. I have been bitten several times before with software modded in China, which always include a virus/trojan, most notably a fake Norton360 app.


  11. hey nitish, i updated my n8 with 1/2,2/2, but didn’t get split screen screen in conversation in messaging though portrait qwerty working fine, any help
    thanx in advance.

  12. one last question, in Nokia conversation, i read that after uninstalling conversation appl and conversation sever from application manager in n8, i would get split screen view in messaging conversation….as its working elsewhere (where expected).

  13. n8user, I uninstalled the two files as you have said, and split screen input in conversation view perfectly well.
    Any views on the “Search” application in Symbian Anna.

    1. m afraid , i wont b able to download those two files once deleted, datsy nt trying that fix
      did u notice nything wrong with ur conversation, or u find out nything bout those two files
      in app manager.?
      And do these files hav ny impact ön future updates?
      Ny information on that?

  14. Hey
    I bought an unlocked C6-01 product code 059C3P6 from US, and now using in India. Do you think these updates will be available for US phones? i sure dont see any updates with the update release for with Indian phones. Do you think Nokia care suite is a better option?

  15. Nitish – I updated my Nokia N8 to Symbian Anna. After successfull installation what I observed is phone restarts automatically. Can you help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Nitish, While I was able to get back my N8 working, there was a hard reset, there are two problems now-
    1. Ovi store opens, but i am unable to download anything, unable to go to the “Account” section, the dots keep on encircling in the “my apps” box, it never opens. I have reinstalled the ovi store app but of no help
    2. Ovi music store opens, when i click on an album or a song, a page appears, on the top it is written “Auto signin”, below it “One moment…..” and a “Cancel” box, it remains there forever, until i cancel it and exit.
    Earlier I was unable to play my downloaded ovi songs also,(window appears ‘Requesting license’, then in the browser, a sentence appears in multiple languages- Something is wrong with the ovi music, please try again later’) as i had put them via mass storage mode, then i put them via media transfer using ovi player, and they are playing fine.
    While restoring using nokia care suite, i had put the product code 0599255 for N8 Grey, found it from net, hope it is the right one, and not the cause of all the problems.
    Please tell me the solution. I have already restored to a number of previous backups, but of no help.

  17. Hi friends! I am an N8 user.
    For the past few days when I try to update my phone with Anna 1 & 2 update with OVI Suite, I get an error saying “Something’s gone wrong”. I dont know what went something wrong. I tried everything and tried downloading with Nokia Software Updater and changing dates and rebooting phone and trying resolution from other websites but no help 😦
    And whenever I try updating from my phone, it says that there are no updates available.
    Please help!!

  18. Why is it that every time Nokia does a release they break something that was already fixed? Why should I buy a phone from a company on it’s way down when they have removed the ability to view pdf’s and word documents? Good bye Nokia I’m off to Android!

    1. Unfortunately,my previous message is incorrect. I had installed the Anna update but had not installed additional updates 1 & 2 which have office lite built in. I apologise for this crass error!

  19. Hi Nitish,

    Thanks for your Nokia Care Suite link.. My Nokia N8 is now brand new and the ovi store problems are gone!! Tried hard to solve the ovi store issue after hard reseting the N8 ((Instaled latest Qts, Software update using ovi suite, OTA. none worked).. Can you please tell me how to save the firmware so that I need not download them later.. Please provide the links to download the firmwares if available.

    Many Thanks
    Bharath (manubharath)

    1. Check the Program files\common files folder.. if you have used the Nokia Care Suit then files should be already there. Or you can find the exact location from the preferences of Nokia Care Suit itself

  20. hi. I updated my phone wit symbian anna and my phone is working perfectly normal. But i dont get split screen on message editor. I thought that its because i updated from phone that’s why its like that. So i updated using NSU but still i foot get the split screen. I dont have swype application also in my phone. I want to have the split screen in my Nokia n8

  21. Nice Articles….. Nokia N8 … It is a really great phone at this price point. If you are social freindly and use facebook/Twitter very Much this is the Mobile Phone for You. It’s marketplace is really good has most of the popular apps and are increasing day by day.It’s camera quality is very Good. Music quality is awesome. Must buy at this price point.

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