Happy New Year 2012

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Hi Friends!

I would have been very lazy lately about posting on blog (blame office works) but that wasn’t going to be an excuse for not wishing you all a warm happy new year.

Some take this time as a resolution time when they try to set the targets for the new year and some try to take a look back to see what happened in their lives and around last year & what to learn from those things.

For me, its simple. It was a real big year that just moved away from us. So so many exciting moments to count, either it be personal life (got married this year), either it be my office or it be social circles. Seen ups, seen downs, seen tears, seen smiles … Really a lot of things happened which will keep a big impression on my mind in whatever Ido in next years. Learned a lot from each of them and still ready to learn from whatever that comes across me.

It still looks like a dream when I check that how many of you are connected with me via mails, via tweets and via facebook. Its your trust and faith that always inspires me to stand tall and walk forward with confidence. Nothing more better I would have expected from the last year.

What in next year?

I really don’t know. I didn’t knew in start of year 2011 that it will be an year, when I will get my hands on almost all top end Symbian devices, top end MeeGo device, top end Windows Phones, top end Blackberry devices, top end iOS devices and typing this post from TouchPad itself… I had no idea that "Layman’s take" will get so much love from Nokia and my readers. So I can’t really think of what to expect next.

Just want to say a Hi to all and shout loud …Happy New Year

2012.. A year whom some have even mentioned as even end of the world, so are you scared of it or ready to make the most of it like me?