Nokia Music service-Unlimited Latest Songs at dirt cheap, did you knew?

The mobile market has an interesting nature, where I see many people buying mobiles solely based on the hype rather than actually giving their own requirements a realistic view. I see many a people around me talking of Android or other operating systems in terms of apps while their own needs are limited to feature phones of <5k pricing only. Such a mindset often skips some of the points that might have been of much worth if would have thought without hype. One of such service been Nokia Music Unlimited.


Nokia and its commitment toward the music (just like camera part) is nothing new for the people, who might been following the developments, they would know that how Nokia has been synonymous with digital music in India at least. I seen their initiatives with officially pre-installed songs (DRM) when bought Nokia N70 or Nokia 5130 in past, we see launch of music albums on mobile phones and then there was Nokia Music Unlimited for many a hi-end phones.

The offering of Nokia Music Service on feature phones like Nokia Asha Series takes this commitment to just another big level where Nokia seems to be unsettling many of the trends and habits. Think of the situation, if you are allowed to download any number of songs for free and then can share it with any of your friends freely? That too in perfectly legal way?

Why you need such a service?

I know, I know, many of you would say that why they need such a service when they can download the music freely from internet or can even ask their neighbour shop for loading songs in their phones for a nominal charge?


But do you know that as per Music Copyright laws, Copyright infringement is a criminal offense in India. The minimum penalty for knowingly infringing upon a copyright is six months in jail and a fine of 50,000 rupees. So, is it worth taking the risk, when there are really some ways out at a nominal price?

Nokia Music Unlimited:

Let me introduce you with Nokia Music Unlimited service that provides you songs at such dirt cheap that you actually start doubting if you are downloading it legally.

Nokia has already launched free music subscription from the Nokia Music Store for a number of its Symbian devices. The duration of these free subscriptions vary from device to device. According to the category of the device, the duration of the free subscription lasts for 3, 6 & 12 months. There are a total of 13 Nokia phones through which these free music subscription of the Nokia Music Store can be availed which are as follows:

Name of the device Free unlimited downloading for
Nokia Asha 200 3 Months
Nokia Asha 300 3 Months
Nokia Asha 302 3 Months
Nokia C2-01 3 Months
Nokia X3-02 3 Months
Nokia X2-02 3 Months
Nokia Asha 303 3 Months
Nokia 500 6 Months
Nokia 603 12 Months
Nokia 700 12 Months
Nokia 701 12 Months
Nokia N8 12 Months
Nokia E7 12 Months


Note that these are not the streaming options but you are downloading actual DRM free songs or entire albums. You can download them via web or even via your feature phone and they are DRM free means you can share your songs with any of your friends having any kind of mobile or devices (Android, iPod, anything).

Wanna see it in action? Here you go


And as about availability of songs, then Nokia Music Store includes extensive catalogues from major global labels like Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music and Nokia’s local partnership with Indian Music Industry (a consortium of more than 150 music companies), Hungama that represents major labels including Yash Raj, Tseries, and SIMCA (South Indian Music Companies Association), amongst others. There are some 45 Lakhs+ songs already, can you imagine?

But its only for the new devices, no? Renewing subscription would be costly, right?

Nope! Not at all.

Its true that the service is for only those devices which came with Nokia Unlimited Music Offer, but renewing a subscription is not a big deal any more.

Once the free music subscription gets expired, an easy recharge of Rs. 113 (including service tax) can be availed which then lasts for a month. And the other denominations are : Rs 57 voucher(including service tax) for a week & Rs 281(including service tax) for 3months. After the recharge Full access to the Nokia Music Store is restored and downloading of songs can be continued. These recharge coupons are also valid and can be bought by anyone who was bought any of the listed mobile phones last year.


The recharge procedure is pretty easy and the vouchers can be bought on the Oxicash website or Oxicash booths at selective NPP’s, NPD’s or Nokia CARE outlets. This is aimed at making the procedure to renew subscriptions to the music store an easy process and continuously give access to the ever increasing huge collection of songs on the Nokia Music Store.

So what do you think? Giving it a try?


8 thoughts on “Nokia Music service-Unlimited Latest Songs at dirt cheap, did you knew?

  1. Awesome review…solved all my questions at one go! 🙂 got myself a x2-02 last week…and have been downloading songs since then from the music store.. so i needed to know after the subscription ended wt did i have to do…
    U solved them all..Gee Thanks! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Hey Nitish,

    Nice information shared by you. I had bought nokia 701 last year but I can’t get any music unlimited offer for 12 months, when I contact to nokia they told me that my device is not came with music unlimited. Is there any solution to get unlimited download to my phone? Can I get music unlimited via Oxicash?

  3. I am not able to download songs on nokia music using my nokia asha 302….whenevr i click the download option it is suddenly getting cancelled…before somedays i was able to download songs perfectly but just from last night it is suddenly getting cancelled 😦

  4. 113 per month for downloading pathetic 32 kbps samples only a stupid would agree to it when 320 kbps samples are freely available across the web.

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