Getting a passport in India, my experience in NCR, suggestions

There was a time when for getting just a simple bank account open in even National capital, I tried almost each bank I could see around but failed to get one opened for months despite of being son of an existing bank official itself because I didn’t had a proper Delhi address proof.

Let’s face it, when it comes to get something from Govt offices, things get messy for professional despite of knowing the process and their own rights to get the work done. The old age slow system forcing you to get leaves from your job not once but multiple times. Random charges for which you don’t find any rationales and random excuses for delaying or denying your work. Majority of us might have gone though similar time to time.

No wonder, professional earning well even if don’t wish so, resort to easier route to engage a tout to get through the hassles of even simplest of jobs, be it getting a PAN card, getting a driving license or getting a passport.

It wasn’t the case that I wouldn’t have taken one of the above way, but after seeing my ex-roomie gone through the process in past in honest manner, after completing more than an year of AADHAR CARD in my name (thanks to Govt putting camps inside the various pvt offices even and my office was one of them) and new perceptions post the regime change, one fine day due to persistent demands of wife, I thought to get my ass up for the job while observing the common steps and my small suggestions to improve it.


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