In Search of Snow – Another drive to Manali covering all seasons

Its tough to convince others that you are in your sane mind when choosing the same destination twice within six months despite of it being a costly affair for your finances. Leave others convincing co-travellers might be even more tough. But then I was set to do exactly the same thing.


Why Manali again after being there twice in short span?

Because there was possibility of long holidays at end of year, because I been to Manali twice but once in June summers and once in July monsoons but never during winters which always been on cards to brave with snow. Because I twice been to hills during snow, both times in Mussoorie (Once January end and once December end) but both the times failed to get it and this time in my attempt I need some kind of guarantee that it won’t fail this time.

Nainital or Mussoorie though being under 300 kms circle from my place, in no way can guarantee you snow even in higher reaches nor those higher reaches even if there is a possibility of snow are in easy reach via roads in comparison to wide roads leading to Manali. Shimla or Khajjiar side might be another alternative if I wanna avoid repeat of same destination but then that trip was already planned for Mid-March of next year as I might be visiting Pathankot. So Manali remained as safe bet with almost certainty of snow. Also it would cover Manali in all three available seasons or may be leave a chance for Extreme Winters that is Feb Smile with tongue outfor a future trip.

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