Some more sketches of family

Gave it a try to get family portrait straight twice.



End result, not been able to get own face that correctly. Clean and smooth faces are easy to sketch but not the one with shade and beard etc.

Step by step of the first one

First step is always getting the outline correct. Also chosen to blur the eyes part of the kiddo as making eyes under the glasses is sure a tough part and not effective always.



As I knew that if anything would go wrong from here then it would be my own face so concentrated over the same only.



Shadings and all then finally kiddo part which was lot easier this time.


The second sketch step by step

First step was to get the outline correct. Yeah I know my face got even outlines worse. Decided to correct that on later stage by backtracking.


Then got the face of wife. Went almost ok even though little darker.


Wife portion almost done and now was the part of erase earlier outline of the face including eyes and nose and start again.


The final version. Sure not perfect but recognizable.



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