Applying passport in India – Still a stupid affair in name of police verification

Not to say things don’t change in India as there been some rapid changes in last decade. We have moved past of LPG lines, we have moved past of accepting daily power cuts as fate in a developing nation, we have moved past of considering trains as only way of transport due to higher prices of planes and bad roads… but as much things change, some still remain the same. Indian red tape and police system can be considered something like that.

Its been almost 3.5 yrs since I wrote about my last experience with applying passport in india and proudly bragged that situation seem to have improved much better than the past, but only to find from recent experience that the systematic nonsense continues to harass citizens same way since always.

In my last attempt for passport, I noticed only one stupidity that PSK refused to take AADHAAR photocopy on counter while this is just a number, which can be verified by the fingerprint scan or other means anyway installed inside PSK and this time it came about police verification.

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