PowerShell: SharePoint Mass Deletion Alert

When working with Infrastructure and services, you would come across situations, for which you know standard solutions but due to cost reasons, you chose manual workarounds. This post would fall among those situations.

Microsoft Sharepoint services came out as a great alternative for File shares to the companies during Covid 19. Not only many automation options via Power Automate (MS Flow earlier) but it came with built-in backup via versioning (life saver I tell you). For those who were not willing to work with Web-Only option, OneDrive was another built-in capability with Windows 10 itself and was able to imitate good old file share mapping to user machines.

But there was a catch with OneDrive…..

Being a new tool, understanding the backend technology was a learning curve and during the journey many business people ended up mass deleting the content from SharePoint site thinking that they are just removing the files from their own machines or stopping the sync only. If caught in time, then SharePoint Administrator would restore the content from First stage or second stage recycle bin (if retention policies not there) or even educate the user accordingly but if not noticed in time then it might become headache. To be fair, Microsoft has many services, which can detect such scenarios and even take actions automatically if capable (like Azure Sentinel, Cloud App security and Retention Policies) but most of them come with considerable cost.

So, the question is, can our good old friend PowerShell help us in detecting such situations at least in some way so that damage may be minimized? Why not?

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