Two new books on Zabbix: Common Questions, Detailed setup

Technology moves with a rapid pace, 5 years in IT field is enough to change a lot of things. Five years back, when I wrote a post on Zabbix Implementation, then there weren’t many books on the topic and forums or posts like mine were the kind of only ways forward for getting help on issues … Continue reading “Two new books on Zabbix: Common Questions, Detailed setup”

Zabbix Monitoring-Simplest becomes more simpler

[tweetmeme source=”mrnitishkumar” only_single=”false”] Remember that IT guy from the movie “Hello” based on Chetan’s One Night @ Call Center? So many USBs hanging around neck, some screw drivers in the pocket, some wires here and there … and don’t know what else. A funny sight to laugh about, but little does you realize that life … Continue reading “Zabbix Monitoring-Simplest becomes more simpler”

Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring Book from Packt Publishing

[tweetmeme source=”mrnitishkumar” only_single=”false”] Buzz Sometimes big things come in your way in unexpected manner. Happened to me when I was contacted by Sandeep Patil from Packt Publishing to take a look over their book over Zabbix. I have seen the book earlier and was already knowing that its one of the biggest book on the … Continue reading “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring Book from Packt Publishing”

Zabbix: Really frustrating me now

I wrote about Zabbix Installation for Layman sometimes back and really recommended it for all system administrators out there, due to its simplicity, flexibility and promising nature about lots of aspects. But now days, look like myself in deep troubles with the same. I am getting strange kind of problems with well established setups of … Continue reading “Zabbix: Really frustrating me now”

Zabbix Server: Some issues and some tips

In addition to the implementation details, I wrote few days back, I would like the add up some precautions and resolution to some issues, which would sure make life with Zabbix little easier for newbie . Keep the date time configuration correct: I really faced much trouble over this one. Before installation of any new … Continue reading “Zabbix Server: Some issues and some tips”

Making Zabbix Monitoring Server from Scratch: The Dummies Manual

[tweetmeme source=”mrnitishkumar” only_single=”false”] Update: Wrote this post long back.. just was meant to show that how easy it could be…many things needs to be updated in reference to new features and UI.. will update soon. Recently I received a book over Zabbix from Packt Publicing. Amazing book and probably the only available for the same. … Continue reading “Making Zabbix Monitoring Server from Scratch: The Dummies Manual”

A Step by Step Guide about Spiceworks

[tweetmeme source=”mrnitishkumar” only_single=”false”] Wrote twice about Spiceworks, once for just introducing and once for showing a preview of upcoming Spiceworks 5.0. But I always thought that there is a vacuum, when we try to find some proper book over this great IT tool. The only resource is their very active users forum (really serves the … Continue reading “A Step by Step Guide about Spiceworks”