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The author is working in Tech Infrastructure (Windows/ Linux) since last five years and always eager to accept new and innovative ideas over technology. Well verse with even software terms being a Software Engineering Post Graduate, current having a career in Server Administration.

As about the blog itself,  started with random themes, the bog now has taken shape to provide significant tech solutions and information in most easiest ways suitable for a Layman. 😛

Currently Working with Hindustan Times Media Ltd.

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24 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Mr. Nitish,

    I want to implement dialer for call center solution. I have developed and application using Visual Basic 6.0. I have PRI connection and server. Can implementation develop or not. I require your help.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kulbhushan Airy

  2. HI Sir
    How r u? Its very nice.Sir guide me for improve my self.Now i m working in ICICI Bank as a Network Engg.

  3. For me observations and initiatives are something, which makes you learn things and improve yourself.

    Learn at least one new thing daily, however small. Find at least one new information, however irrelevant. Know your weakness and it should go fine then.

  4. Hi Nitish,
    How r u.I am vry much impressed about your blog.I have only basic idea about business implementation.I am Bcom graduate,right now i am persuing my PGDBA in symbosis in distance.I am working as team leader in BPo.I dont have any idea about my future whether my BPO sector give me a Path to grow high.IF all the people turned to IT sector and all the place for IT infrastructure what happened agriculture sector.In India 80% we take in before 7 years all are concentrated in agriculture filed,But now days it reduced upto 45%. Our government have to go through this also.whats your opinion ,whether my focus is correct or not.

  5. Sundar,

    Thanks for the praises. “Simple Ideas matter” and definitely, your views are precious to be heard.

    BPO sector definitely provides options to grow. An interesting post about it was over one of my friend circle

    As about agriculture, then you are right, but reasons for popularity in other sectors is low cost to start.

    Yes!! I am thinking to digg a bit deeper about this that what innovative options might be with it and will revert you back. Thanks for the idea.

  6. God bless you for yor oustanding governance nd creat a new history which has not been done by any visionary nd selfless leader like you…..(Sir-Nitish kumar) from shyam sundar(panchayat-teacher)

  7. Hello Good morning, This is Anil. With reference to your blog “See N8 in 4D- The untold truths -Interview with Techie and N8 User Nitish Kumar Part 2” i am very much impressed after reading all the details of nokia n8. clearly. I do have some questions which i request you to clarify as i am also one of the very enthusiastic persons who wants to purchase this mobile phone. Earlier i was using n93 and it was really good when it comes to photos and videos but especially when it comes to night photos or videos it was really so horrible even when compared to the other lower end smart phones. Hence, i want you to please consider all these below mentioned issues and answer me with out any biasness.

    I have heard some of the problems from nokia n8 users and in connection to those issues i want your clarification

    1. Do you think that this nokia n8 can replace the digital camera that is available in the current market.

    2. Do you think that the photography and video with n8 is really as good as a digital camera when it comes to night photos and videos

    3. many of the user reviews says that they have a problem of using n8 because of too many restarts and hanging problems

    4. i don’t have a digital camera and i really liked n8 features and so i became a fan

    Hence, i request you to please answer my questions carefully and then based upon your response i shall decide to purchase nokia n8 or the digital camera.

    Thank you,


    1. Nokia N8 can compete any camera that is available in market. I has a Sony 12 MP shooter but I use that only in case if N8 not available with me. Not only shooting but movie editing and photo editing on the board are some other goodies that make Nokia N8 that special. I bought a Galaxy S, seen some other Androids but none of them come closer to it.

      As about iPhone etc then that camera feels like a Nokia N82 camera with better software not more than that so its very safe yo say that no cameraphone compete Nokia N8.

      If any camera can beat N8 then that would one of those pricy DSLRs only.

      Next coming to restart/ hang etc. Definitely the experience is not smooth like those phones having 1Ghz processors (like my Galaxy S) but symbian^3 is totally different experience than any of the Nokia you seen till date, so if you liked any of the Nokia phone till now, you will low the responsiveness and speed of C7/N8 or E7.

      Hope all these answer yours questions

      Connectivity, build are some other things that where neither Android nor Apple is competing with Nokia

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  9. hey nitish,

    its my biggest wish to install android on my nokia 3g booklet like you do in the video on youtube.
    maybe you are the nicest man on planet and you add me on facebook , my full name is simon hermans.

    greetings from germany

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