Laymans take-Trying to look at Nokia and Microsoft move

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February 11, 2011 will be marked as one of the most remarkable day in history as finally against prediction of we all Nokia fans, bloggers and developers, Nokia actually announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Did it

This was being speculated since the day, ex-Microsoft Elop joined Nokia as CEO, but not many of us believed it considering the fact that Nokia just been in a partnership with Intel to develop MeeGo and was going big guns (at least in words) around Qt.

I was much tied up with my own arrangements and office works after a real long holiday just spent but there were still some readers, who wished to read my views on the whole scenario now, so I was push myself for “summarizing” that what’s Layman’s take on Nokia + Microsoft?

  1. Shocked community and outburst of emotions on “End” of Symbian journey
  2. What Nokia and Microsoft said officially on it?
  3. Should consumers bother if Symbian is no more a priority for Nokia now?
  4. What is this “War of Ecosystems” and why there were not much choices?
  5. What still seems to be risky for Nokia? What could go really wrong from here?
  6. Is this the end of Symbian era ?
  7. What about the promises made by Nokia to deliver the updates on symbian 3 platform?
  8. What about the much awaited symbian 3 overhaul?

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