For me Sketches been a way to reconcile myself away from things going on around, so that I could start with a fresh attitude again and again. As I wrote down sometimes back

If you know that you are doing it right then never give up and take it till the end even if it don’t look that good coz you know that you did everything right, it will come up real after last moment finishing.

If you know that you went wrong at some point and hesitate to pull it back as it will screw much of your work and will be like starting from scratch, then please don’t hesitate, its worth starting again than continuing with a compromise.

The above few lines works well for life and sketch and I always bet on that.

20100227_001 upload




The making of a sketch:-

1. From where it started. I always start with eyes and then proceed with shaping the same with soft lines.

2- After putting some shades in: Then although I proceed with filling other details, but this time, I chosen hairs.

3- The pics could explain the manner of making: Earlier it was tough enough two years back, when I was to get the prints first and then proceed with the same and also quality of prints were a major factor, but now my Lappy get it done for myself.

4- Filled the one eye: As eyes always been the best part of my sketches, so I go extra scared while putting shades over them.

5- Oh!! finally its done: I think now I could relax. I am done with my promise.

5- The final shot: The final one.

10 thoughts on “Sketches”

  1. I see that your only remaining issue with sketching would be the bloating up of the cheeks and nearby areas. Giving some detail to the philtrum could also effect the end result.

    Good work, keep it in practice 🙂

    1. Thanks dear.. being a techie freak.. gives less for other hobbies.. hope someday will be in peace to learn more about the only thing that calms me most.

      Thanks for the advice mate

  2. hello nitish,

    after seeing your sketches, i must says that you could be a better artist, even if your simply focus on making the reality. but hopeless it’s not might seeing, believing that practise makes perfect to reach the destiny and today youth lives on hopes.
    finally i like your blogs, good things are right with us.good day.

    1. I know mate.

      I am not exactly on the mark with the sketches as I have seen that what best could be done and I am no way near to that right now. Wont give the excuse that many of my sketches are not being shown here 😉

      Its a hobby that gets time once a while in months, due to engaging schedules and mean life of an IT Administrator and technology freak, but sure love sketching as it calms you in the moments, you feel short-sighted about the things.

      That’s my view about sketching.

      And thanks for the appreciation as besides the short comings, such words been my encouragement always

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