My Dell XPS got stolen from my room on 23rd January 2009

Sometimes life really takes weird turns, just few weeks back or precisely more than one month back, I told you all that I bought a brand new Laptop and that too with a pretty good configuration with lots of joys and shared a few things with it. And now after many days, I am coming to report you all that it has been stolen.

Reading all this might be looking sad, but being into it is quite miserable. It was really a sweetheart to me, given the rise to the artist in me once again, was companion in my Mumbai visit.. but that’s it… just this much was the story.

How was the theft? How it happened? Have you reported? What police is saying? Who could have done this? You doubt on whom?

I know all these questions… but no answers or no means now… I miss …

Word of Caution: Keep your Laptop ensured from theft as well.


Surprise gift from Dell’s side

As I told you all about the process of purchasing the Laptop from Dell and then the trouble and resolution. In continuation of the same story, I would like to tell something very good, which happened to me in recently, before end of the last year.

I received a cheque dated 24th December 2008 of amount Rs. 2174.94/- INR from Dell side and was really surprised that what is it as nothing was mentioned there. I called back the salesperson to know about the same and got to know that Government has waived off the excise duty over the purchases and so the deal became cheaper now.

Girish told me that Dell decided to share the same benefit to the consumer only and so they are sending back the difference amount.

Great na??? I really appreciated Dell’s policies and it came as a real surprise to me. Means now my laptop is of less than Rs. 61,000/- INR. In next, I am waiting for the 2% cash back of my ABN Amro Credit card, which is expected to make the deal more cheaper by its monthly statement.

I am happy.

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