Ta Ra Rum Pum: Smiles are never meant to lost

From where to start, I was not having enough positives about the same movie after reading a few brought down reviews over the same movie, like someone has said that it’s another Hum-Tum but after removing the fun part from the same. After actually watching the movie, I want to suggest people to watch a movie with a fresh set of mind rather than preset frames. From where you brought any similarities between the two, except the duo in lead? Chill out …..

So, again I am in with another review over a movie and this time the movie on cards is TA RA RUM PUM, which sure have specials in it to attract me to write a review. Anyway,

Director: Yash Chopra
Star cast:
Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Jaaved Jaafri.

The story begins with racing tracks with a little girl’s voice narrating the story. The little girl and a little boy; the daughter and son of Rani-n-Saif. The narration goes till Saif got a serious accident in the same race and went out of the circles for a complete one year. It was all about how the duo met and how they get married along with the success story of Saif as a Care Racing Champ wining 50 Championships.

One thing which I personally found very impressive about the movie was the positive attitude and amazing control over emotions by its characters. I want to mention a few scenes, which could be mentioned as a must watch for the movie:

  1. When before starting first race, Saif look out for Rani (who was not looking much interested in this all racing stuff till that moment) and got her first convincing eyes that she is with him. Yes!!! One could do wonder for such a pair of eyes. Heads off to spirit of love.

  2. When after Saif’s accident, Rani walks down from the steps for taking him to hospitals. There were no hysterical cries in her eyes, but a very well balanced attitude assuring her kids and telling the elder one to care for younger, while she returns. I don’t know, whether you find it worthy or not, but for me, it’s a special. Special to inspire, special to remember.

  3. When after being attacked by opponent racer in his comeback race, Saif get reminded of the last accident and then his legs get loose from accelerator and he apparently slipped to the last. Even Rani felt, what’s going on in his mind. Special was when, he tries to convince Rani very positively that nothing wrong and he is fine. A little instance but look the same more closely and you will get the magic within.

  4. When Jaaved says that “Bhai hoon tumhara, isiliye advice de raha hoon” and in reply Saif says “Just shut up!!!!”. I am rather more amazed with the timings of the song “Ho Agar Koi Gum”, the title song, which gets its perfect place.

  5. When Saif-n-Rani introduces “Don’t worry be happy” game to their children, saying that their poverty is fake and they are in a reality show actually playing roles of poor. At one moment, where it announces about the popularity of Reality shows in now days and in another moment, it shows the way of being calm in most drastic situations.

  6. When the kids started bunking their lunch and the younger one picked a pizza from the scratch, don’t say that you feel no pain in the left of your chest.


One thing about the movie was Rani’s look in the first half. Most marvelous song look-wise was “Tumhi Tum Ho”, I just loved the steps and the chemistry. Sure would like to try the same with my girl friend 🙂 … although other songs were interesting too, but the next on my personal chart is “hey Sona…”, its just lovely and I took it as call tune of my number, so someone very sweet could hear the same…. Thanks for making the song, just a little thing bring back lots of smile to me.

Although besides the fact that I liked the first half, I somehow missed the same spirit in the second half. Somehow it felt unreal when without any backing or any prominent sponsorship or team; one could win a race in that tough environment, where technicality matters more than the individual spirit. Anyway except the same, everything goes fine.


The underlined statement, which could be felt from all the film, is that sometime things might not be that worst as we might be thinking and there might be always a way to make the things back on track.

Means life is always like the same as it might be moving in your mind. Crying, when you are feeling everything is going wrong is an obvious statement, but smiling and making everything more bright than ever makes you living it in full.


Personally I recommend the movie for the spirit it possesses. Thanks for making the positive air around.

One more thing, I would like to add, this blog is being posted through Microsoft Office 2007 and I just loved with which ease, it didn’t take even a complete minute to post it over my blog…. Lovely…