WordPress and Wiki

Due to illness, I was out of office, but worked a little over few things related to WordPress at home. One worry resolved now that how to sync two blog one at remote location and one at local hosting. It came out easy in the way that you have to take the backup of updated one and then to import the same to the other one. I was worried about duplicated entries, but the import process itself, skips the duplicate entries, comments, pages etc and in this way make the sync go smooth.

I also worked a little over Wiki Hosting. Managed to put a local installation through manual DB creation, user creation, local settings etc, but still struggling with making it easy to work with like WordPress. I had read that it could be configured to create pages through Microsoft Word or Windows Live for a Wiki, but not able to do the same till now. Anyway, it was a late night try. Will give one more eve over it. Also have managed the Dummies Book over it, expecting it to be helpful.


Installing WordPress on Local Server

Yesterday means 12th August 2009; I took a project from office side to install WordPress locally. Something which was included in my To-Do list from long, but it was just like I was not getting time and chance.

In place of going through the way of Geeks, I chosen to be low and go through Xampp means an unsecure and Layman way to deal with Apache, MySql and PHP at once. In fact, not even dealing, but just bypassing most of the tedious work.

The output was just as great as WordPress itself been for me from years. I really rediscovered many little things about it. While the web version was a bit restricted view of the full functionalities lying beneath, I really got into a world, which was truly amazing.

Next step was trying Export and Import, which I was about to try one year back, but didn’t used then. It went almost effortlessly easy and I was able to import whole of my blog in a matter of few minutes only. The whole download size was only 1.2 MB for all my 90 articles. There were really many options unrevealed now, which could be available, only if you are hosting it yourself.

I am going to explore its features more and more as I get time.