Its me this time


Back to sketching again; But again the story ends here …

Writing once again to put my sketches on air.

1. From where it started. I always start with eyes and then proceed with shaping the same with soft lines.

2- After putting some shades in: Then although I proceed with filling other details, but this time, I chosen hairs.

3- The pics could explain the manner of making: Earlier it was tough enough two years back, when I was to get the prints first and then proceed with the same and also quality of prints were a major factor, but now my Lappy get it done for myself.

4- Filled the one eye: As eyes always been the best part of my sketches, so I go extra scared while putting shades over them.

5- Oh!! finally its done: I think now I could relax. I am done with my promise.

5- The final shot: The final one.