My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist

“  Just finished watching the superb My Name Is Khan and here are the tweets that I made while watching  MNIK. My twitter page could be found here. Share your experience with me. “


It went wrong that we got Shivsena seeming against with it, but MNIK requires support in much broader sense. Its not about Shivsena, its not about Hindu-Muslim or Hindustan-Pakistan, its about humanity and about the lesson that the name doesn’t make a man terrorist.

  • movie ends here and sorry its spells as Rijvan not Rijwaan. Jut seen credits.25 minutes ago from web

  • So finally Rijwaan meets Obama. That really gives goose bumps. Hats off28 minutes ago from web

  • In my tweet I was wrong about that Obama thing, how could they would have made such a bluder after making such a great movie.31 minutes ago from web

  • MNIK really makes you in tears at places and give you goose bumps. This movie gonna make big internationally. Fingers crossed 🙂39 minutes ago from web

  • Really this time some movie come to match and surpass RDB. Hats off. I am liking MNIK & I am not a terroristabout 1 hour ago from web

  • SRK really got gold mine with Shivsena protest …. The protest suited storyline really too much well.about 1 hour ago from web

  • the story picking up pitch now with the tagline … I am with Rijwaa kha and I am not a terrorist.about 1 hour ago from web

  • i really thought that they will use actual Obama’s clips or at least look alike but they didnt even kept a black actor. Disappoiting …about 1 hour ago from web

  • not only MNIK’s Rijwaan was the one, who cant sense unspoken words, many of us cant. But u kow its more hard to us when we can ..about 1 hour ago from web

  • liked the way MNIK kept it simple yet effective. Sorry Shivsena!! You picked it on wrong. Must be regreting nowdaysabout 1 hour ago from web

  • till now no bollywood movie has picturised 9/11 in this much large and effective ways. MNIK gonna to ruleabout 2 hours ago from web

  • we have seen hritik in different roles like in koi mil gaya but SRK is on better ways. Impressed!! After chak de indiaabout 2 hours ago from web

  • with tied hairs kajol sometimes looks like my sis, Neeru …..about 2 hours ago from web

  • there are always simple and weired ways to come out hard things. Fluctuating between things works nicely 😉about 3 hours ago from web

  • kajol has its own charm always. Different than kabhi khushi kabhi gam and fanaaabout 3 hours ago from web

  • Its not easy to find humor to make everyome smile out of even miserable things, hats off MNIK. Interesting salsemanabout 3 hours ago from web

  • so, here it started … My name is khan and …. I am not a terrorist. Tried to cover lots of things in a tight startabout 3 hours ago from web

I will come back with a full review over the same movie soon.


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