Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – A real iPhone for mass

In view of my ‘recent active days’ with blog posts, its been a ‘pretty long’ gap of more than a week. Thought to write many a times in this while, but always….

“ Finally bought a Touch Screen all of a sudden, when there was no prior plan for buying the same. Yeah did a through study of the same before buying and as exciting it was that I made the last purchase at 9:30 PM from nearest Hotspot. “

Nokia 5800 is not the first ever attempt of Nokia entering into touch screen market (Nokia 7710 since 2004, Nokia 6208 since early 2009 for example), but considering phenomenal buzz around Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Arnoid, it was expected to be a serious one and it is a sweetheart indeed. Lots of good reviews with finer details are already around, so I am not going into details and keeping this post as a personal comment only.

First of all, why I am comparing it to iPhone?

nokia5800_iphone back

Both are touch screen devices, both has perfect connectivity options (Bluetooth, Wi Fi, 3G), both comes with lots of storage (8 Gb+), both has built in A-GPS, both have YouTube Support … in all both are the very capable devices.

For a detailed point-to-point comparison between Nokia 5800 and Apple iPhone 3G, you can check out the GSMArena Link.

What special about iPhone? 

Many times in Technology History, it had been proven that more than the capabilities themselves, what matters is that how we use them. Ajax was a literally less known technology till Gmail made use of it. Similar case with iPhone, iPhone making biggest buzz around world, not due to what it is capable of, but due to how developers are making use of it and how its being marketed.

In technical specifications, iPhone only has advantage in Multi Touch technology otherwise Nokia 5800 offering much better specifications in less than half the price (Rs. 13, 200/- in Delhi as on 9th Feb 2010), but the way, its apps store bursting with new apps daily, has made it most happening thing around the globe. One should credit the way Apple market things.

How I find Nokia 5800 still better and potent device?

nokia-5800-061 nokia-5800-xpressmusic

Price: I don’t think that even 2G model of iPhone is standing anywhere lesser than Rs 22,000/- in India, leave 3G and 3GS model apart (no where lesser than Rs. 25, 000/-) and Nokia 5800 is offering you everything is less than half the price Rs. 13, 200/-. Can you believe it? Just an included 8GB card, 3G/ Wi-Fi Support worth it, leave Touch Screen a side.

Size: Something I don’t like about most of Black Berries and iPhone is their size. They are trying to redefine the size constraints of normal cell phone, but the basic limit will always be that it should come to your hands easily. iPhone is slimmer than Nokia 5800 for sure, but almost 1 cm wide as well.

Screen Resolution/ Camera: iPhone 3GS has 320×480, while Nokia 5800 has 320×640 with same 16M colors. Yes! better with iPhone is its PowerVR MBX-Lite graphics, but still it doesn’t offer ground breaking eye candy in front of more than enough decent Nokia 5800. iPhone matched the resolution with Nokia 5800 only with the latest model 3GS otherwise it was lesser in 2G and 3G models.

Storage: Both offer 8G+ storage, but iPhone has it as internal storage with no support for more card slots. Nokia 5800 kept the price down by keeping internal memory low as 81 MB and providing 8GB as external card slot (could be extended to 16GB). Obviously, one could keep as many card as required and could keep on swapping if much storage is required. Sure, the later one is more flexible about storage.

Processor & RAM: If I should keep the comparison between Nokia 5800 and iPhone 3G then Nokia has better processor (ARM 11 434 MHz in comparison to ARM 11 412 MHz) and same amount of RAM (128 MB). Yes! Latest version 3GS has doubled the RAM and proved better processor (ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz), but price is skyrocketing to be more than Rs. 35, 000/- in India. Why one should afford such a price for a phone?

Music: Disappointing that iPhone didnt thought to keep multimedia side in primary concern and pleasant that Nokia didn’t missed that. In contrast to iPhone, Nokia 5800 offering Stereo Speakers and they perform exceptionally well even when you hear without headphones.

Usability: Have you heard of a smart phone, you cant copy text, cant forward SMS/ MMS, cant send data via Bluetooth, cant put a new battery in it or cant add a memory card in it? Yes! you are guessing it right. Its iPhone and all these troubles exists even in 3GS.Can we really change our phone habits this much.. that too after paying more than double the price?

My experience with Nokia 5800 in last three days: My first Smart Phone was Nokia N70 and I am still carrying Nokia N82 and Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, obviously, the camera quality of Nokia 5800 cant match excellent picture and video recording quality offered by Nokia N82, but for my disappointment, I felt it even lesser than Nokia N73 (but sure better than 2 MP cameras). May be settings issue or I was too much used to of excellent pictures. For me, its the only major drawback with this set. In next, if I find something like complaining then its the internal memory, which is 81 MB, decent enough, but could have been increased.

Rest everything was so amazing to me, may be its the excitement of a perfect touch screen device, but it serves me everything, which a hard core user like me could wish for. Exciting was playing YouTube directly from Internet (Idea Edge Connection) like the video is inside the phone itself. Waiting for Flash 10 to be unfolded for Symbion.

Either it be typing experience, browsing experience or connecting to PC, its been a perfect ride and I am looking more and  more into it to explore its potential.

The minimal set of apps, one should have in it:

1. Fring: I was looking for an IM to cater Gtalk and I got the almighty. It caters MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other leading IMs. For me, exciting was to make calls from my cell to Gtalk Friends or Friends on Skype sitting somewhere abroad and also to receive them on my cell like normal GSM calls. Not tested yet, but having video calls via Gtalk or Skype or Yahoo without 3G Network would be rather more exciting than anything ever I would have done with Smart Phones. Now, its not even needed to install something else (earlier I am using snaptu in Nokia N82, that’s also good enough) that this so cool app. Just waiting for 3G to be affordable and I will be having an amazing range of connectivity with friends online and offline.

Download | Website

2. Gmail: Obviously, I cant be without it. Even if I wish for more evolvement of this kind of basic Email Client, its still my favorite out of any question. I guess not much to say about it.

Download | Website

3. Google Maps: Although Nokia 5800 is already bundled with Ovi Maps, but still services like Latitude and Buzz now are something I cant think of doing without. Its kind of default app for any of my A- GPS enabled cell.

Download | Website

4. Opera 10 Beta: I already marked it my favorite in my earlier post and I was already waiting to experience it on Touch Screen. My Feelings are still the same. One should make it as their default browser like most of the people do like changing to Firefox or Chrome just after installing Windows. I am thinking that if ever, Firefox or Chrome get released for Symbion, then how will they perform?

Download | Website

5. Mail for Exchange: That’s an interesting application launched by Nokia for its business users to fill the gap Blackberry has created. Its push mail from Nokia and configuration instructions with Gmail could be found here. Why I am talking about Gmail not Business Mails? I face troubles with my office account and this apps, so I chosen a a work around. I placed a forwarder in Office Email ID to forward all mails to a new Gmail account and configured Mail for Exchange from that Gmail account. Now, not only my mails are safe in an practically unlimited storage account and they are in sync with me on the go (I will receive the mail and its notification on my cell within minute).

Some might complain about security of passing Office Data to Gmail, but has anyone doubt over Gmail Security yet?

Download | Website

6. JoikuSpot: As I am talking about minimal set of apps, so I was trying to avoid it, but thought to add it as last minimal app. Its a very promising and interesting app, which converts your device to a Wi Fi Access point means yours laptop and Laptop of your friend could make use of Edge/ 3G connection over your Nokia 5800 on the same time to use the internet as a Wi Fi connection. Although I still have not looked more into it that how it could be secured for use, but even then its a great piece of software.

Download | Website

Its not end of story and many more things might come about my experience with it. Other users should try to explore the options more with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.



40 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – A real iPhone for mass

  1. I have some critics to make…

    1st you compare the Nokia 5800 with the iPhone 3G and not the 3GS. Ok fair enough as the 5800 isn’t the best from Nokia as well… But then let’s talk about the N97/5800 vs iPhone 3GS! Processor on the N97 and on the 5800 is exactly the same (and so does RAM)… The iPhone 3GS has a 600Mhz processor and 256mb of RAM. Can you still say that the 5800 is superior?

    You only talked about the few points where the 5800 has an advantage and even transformed some disadvantages into advantages! “Cut down the price by adding 81mb of internal storage”???? What the hell man? We both know that the C: drive is where some apps HAVE to go by default! What will you do when that is full? You can’t use the memory card as cache for the browser or for google maps! Comparing it with the 8GB the iPhone 3G offers was ridiculous, sorry.

    Music. Oh sure, the speakers on the iPhone suck! Now plug in Apple headphones and Nokia ones and come back to tell me your experience on that!

    Btw, where is the part where you talk about video? Nokia 5800: NO CODECS!

    You compare 2 touchscreens devices and you dont talk about the touchscreen itself? 5800 uses a resistive display… Almost having to sting your phone with your finger so he detects the touch ISN’T a good thing. The iPhone uses the capacitive multi-touch enabled and much more precise capacitive screen. Oh about your “stylus” on the 5800… It’s not worth it. The iPhone can be more precise with a finger then what the 5800 gets with a stylus!

    Why did you skip build quality? The 5800 creeks from every piece of plastic while the iPhone feels solid in your hand and has a glass screen rather then a lousy soft screen (necessary for resistive displays.

    Why didn’t you talked about typing? The 5800 qwerty fails miserably because the screen doesnt has multi-touch! If you type fast enough so you put both thumbs on the screen at the same time, the phone freaks out and either puts a random letter in your text or just doesnt do anything! The iPhone would write both letters in the order you wanted him to.

    Why do you insist in making the 5800 looking better?? News flash! It isnt!

    You could come here and tell all of this that you said and then add this on the end: “so the Nokia 5800 is so much cheaper and for those who can not buy an iPhone it would be the perfect touchscreen” and then I would agree with you.

    Just a few more topics where your “comparison” fails:

    – App store vs. Ovi store
    – iPhone OS (stable) vs. Symbian 5th ed. (buggy)
    – Overall speed (iPhone = fast / 5800 = laggy)

    just think twice before you “try” to trash the iPhone…

    If you think I’m an Apple fanbiy I can guarantee you that i’m not! I use a PC, my music player and smartphone is a Nokia N95 8GB (that will be upgraded to a N900 soon), but I just think YOU were a Nokia fanboy!

    One last thing. If you think I’m alone with these opinions google for “The Prodigal Guide N97 mini vs iPhone” comparison and you’ll see what I mean. While you’re at they’re site check the open letter they sent to Nokia CEO and maybe you’ll see I’m not just randomly ranting at your “comparison”

    PS: Please approve this coment… took me 25 minutes to write it!

  2. Thanks Diogo for stopping by and putting your valuable comments here. You can see that its already approved, so you should not have complaint about that at least. Moreover, I am not taking your comment as a rant in anyway. You are right at many points for sure and those had been the reason that I called it ‘iPhone for mass‘ not ‘iPhone killer‘ as some other posts call it.

    Let me come up with some of mine.

    1. Definitely iPhone has few things better, but look at the price. Price is almost double with even 2G version. Its like comparing a brilliant child from High School to some Post Graduate as for as the price is concerned and the same is making a big difference in sale of iPhone.

    2. As about RAM/ Processor, then I haven’t chosen Nokia 5800 randomly, I had reasons. Only iPhone 3GS has better processor and RAM, not the other two models and the price is sky high in comparison. Rs. 32,000/- for 16GB model and Rs. 39,000/- for 32 GB model (not sure but almost). Its wrong that Nokia didn’t made that much hardware improvement with N97, but its possible to get even better hardware in that price.

    One more better thing about iPhone, which you didn’t mentioned is separate graphics, which sure a con for iPhone, but the same question… Price.

    3. Apps could be installed in External that’s not an issue, contacts, messages all could be saved in external memory, but sure Internal Memory needs to be higher for running many application at the same time.

    I have mentioned the same already, but even then it still doesn’t come in way of calling it a better choice for mass as for me even 81 MB or 128 MB of Internal Memory scores fair, provided it has a 128 MB RAM for cache. A big 8GB internal memory doesn’t that matter as current apps are not going to make use of more than 100 MBs or higher side 200 MB.

    4. As about Music experience with Headphones, then I had checked both of them, you call my ears wrong, but don’t see much difference with even Headphone and without that you already accept. Note that stereo speakers are not about music only, but it includes your experience with MP3 Ring tones as well, I bet most of the people don’t want to put earphones on for hearing ring tone 😉

    5. Codecs could be downloaded and added and it already has the standard support with MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV/MP3/WAV/еAAC+/WMA.

    6 . Touch Screen: I called that iPhone has good one and nothing could match a multi touch as developers could make exciting uses of that with applications, but still you cant complain much about a resistive one. It works well. As about Stylus then you cant write it off, fingers dont make you select text from some website and type SMS that well. (Oh! I missed that iPhone doesn’t provide you Copy/ Paste). If someone think about blogging and other kind of posting from cell, then what you suggest?

    7. I specifically mentioned that iPhone is making high Buzz due to their iStore. Coz developers are making applications for it. Developers make apps for Symbion as well, but that needs to be more advertise for sure and then it has it for sure. OVI store could be and should be improved for sure.

    8. iPhone OS Vs Symbion: As per my views, its about experience, Apple has experience with OS and Touch, Nokia has it with usability. Apple will realize in few years that simple things (copy/paste, battery/Card/ SMS-MMS forwarding flexibility) are important for keeping customers loyal to them without complaints. Performance wise, Symbion kept on improving and I don’t think that except Eye Candy, iPhone OS has providing that many ground breaking improvement. Sure, it has few things better and definitely, both of them could/ should learn things from each other, profit would be of customers.

    Definitely, I am not writing iPhone off, but I am writing that with this price and with lack of basic functions everyone is used of, it cant make it for long (Mac OS went away with DTP only). You may buy it for class or fun, but can you actually use it with current features? Forwarding SMS/ FM been kind of basic with even normal phones.

    Price matters a lot.

    You can’t make any friend buy an even 20k phone and we really want to have many friends to have good Smart Phones and data plans, so that GPS/ Google Lattitude etc like things could be common like GSM itself. More of being a Nokia fan, my favour is due to the same reason. Its sure a thing for mass, which they actually could buy and make use in daily life.

    At the end, Diogo!! I am sure that such discussions could make both of the manufacturers think about things they lack, which is ultimately a customer requires with their limited pockets. By the way, I have read the article you suggested.

    Thanks again buddy for stopping by and writing comment. It will facilitate users the other side as well.

  3. That was a nice review..
    I bought Nokia 5800 3 months back,she is my soul-mate these days. I don’t have a laptop and I travel a lot. 5800 is a good companion as I can use twitter,gmail and many other applications on the go.Its very disappointing that we dont have a full fledged 3G network all over India. Anyway I am happy with what I have. My day begins and ends with the phone.
    As Iphone killer, I have used an Apple Iphone for two days. Its more like a lifestyle gadget. The touch interface is too good when compared with Nokia 5800. But for the price they offer in India, buying an Iphone is gonna be a bad idea.

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  5. Very good analysis. I did a similar one on my own before finding this site and we pretty much arrived at the same conclusions: the iPhone is too expensive for what it does beyond what the 5800 can do. I am paying $199 US for the 5800 and it’s already pretty steep in my opinion for a phone, given I tend to get a new one once every 2 years. There isn’t anything today on the iPhone that would justify me paying 2-3 times more. Maybe my opinion would change over time as more apps and features become available on the iPhone. But until then, 5800 is a much smarter choice. One of the things I love the most on the 5800 is having a stylus since I have clumsy fingers. It’s important because it is built-in to the phone, so I don’t need to worry about losing it.

  6. Yup!! that would be a good comparison keeping the price tag in mind. Would do that for sure. Waiting for the trial device to come in my hands 😉

  7. Hello this is a great comparison. One thing the iPhone has that the Nokia doesn’t is built in Compass and Gyrometer. Still you have gone into a good explanation as an argument for both. Plus thankyou for the list of apps to get. That Opera is soo much better than the default Safari browser. Regards.


  8. Not an issue mate. Nokia’s other phones have it. More of it, it would be good threat once Nokia starts with new OS and Capacitive screens. Nokia N8 might be a big challenge for Apple

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