Layman’s take on Nokia E6-How Symbian^3 fits into portrait?

I think many of the friends who aren’t following me on twitter (@nkumar_), might have missed my quick review and un-boxing on Nokia E6-00 that I posted on June 22, 2011 at in usual Layman style.


So thought to put a pointer here for the post to let you all know about the package etc and for visual introduction of the device. Go read the same.

Symbian Anna preview on Nokia E6-00

While I have tried making a video to illustrate a few of points related to the feel of software, but like some of readers pointed to me, many wanted to go through the minute details of the changes in the software on Nokia E6. So, here we go.

Nokia E6-00 : Signing into account


I already mentioned earlier that Nokia stores your number associated with the Ovi Account and once you put the same SIM into any new Nokia handset, it automatically detects your account and asks the password for the same to set it up. Though still for the customization part, they have left auto configuration of things like Mails or Contacts. I think that would have been an option for easy start.

Anyway, with the right SIM in and after passing the above screens, you may be assured that your account reached to all services like Store, Music and Maps.

I hope you know that with Ovi Sync you can get your old contacts saved on web back on your new device without even using a PC. Also Phone Switch option can enable you to transfer yours settings, SMS etc transferred from any other Nokia Handset via Bluetooth.

Nokia E6-00 : Home Screen


First thing to notice here is the five total number of home screens and uneven size of widgets.

Its looks like we got six widgets here, three small and three normal size, but later on, it seems that its not the case. The three small widgets are the fixed one and will be at same place on all the home screens means not customizable.


Two of the small widgets are for clock and profile setting while the third widget is for missed call/SMS notifications etc. Will show up on every home screen once you switch like check in above screenshots.

Means you are left with actually only three widgets on the screen to play with. As you can see, all of them works in the same way as they been on rest of Symbian devices but with this much amazing pixel density its super fun.


Also the screen transition is possible via keyboard or by swiping and yes, as you seen in Anna videos, it is smooth transition now. The third way of transitioning is tapping on the middle bottom at circles showing up which screen you are on. The transition is circular on Symbian^3 means you will come back on first screen after the last one.

Nokia E6-00 : Lock and Standby Screen


While the lock screen is still the same like old age, we have got some real improvements about the standby screen now.


Along with the LED notifications, we now receive notifications on standby screens as well (don’t need to install sleep screen etc). After pressing the navigation button, we will be back on the second standby screen as given below with some more details


By the way, though Nokia Bubbles are not officially supported here but they work.


Nokia E6-00 : The task manager


Well! you will think that what’s new in this card like Task manager as we already seen this on other Symbian^3 devices? There is a little difference in implementation this time. Check out the close button in the bottom right. In other devices, touching outside the cards was enough to go back but on E6-00, there was hardly any place outside, so a Close Button came in.

Nothing new in this for Symbian^3 users but for users coming from Nokia E72/E71 likes, its one of those signs that they are a bigger ground this time.

Nokia E6-00 : New Anna Icons


While it might be a personal choice that which kind of icons you wanna see on your device, but somehow it was a nice move from Nokia to standardize their icons. Check my screenshot from a early software on Nokia N8.


You can see there been uneven icons earlier. Some square icons and some like just transparent ones. When placed on home screens then it wasn’t a pleasant setup all the time. Standardization of icons helps. Also they are more colorful now.


While the iconography goes deeper into menus as well, you will find that many of notification like above have animated images in them.

Yeah though the basic two menu approach still there.

Nokia E6-00 : The Calendar


The Calendar on Nokia E6-00 is one of those important improvement that #SymbianAnna brings to Symbian^3 devices. And its just not the looks. For example: You have new style for time interval and much more.


You can add Map places into your calendar events from Ovi Maps.


Media can be attached with the events (images, videos, sound clips, notes or anything else) and recurrences can be set for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly. Very useful for business people.


Same with alarms, many possibilities now.


You can have multiple calendars (created, imported) and set them up with different colors.


Many different views like Monthly, weekly, day wise or To-Do like and the event info goes to standby screen as well.

I am sure the geeks who play much with their calendars will find many more things than I am not yet able to find.

Nokia E6-00 : The Browser


The browser is the other major upgrade from the firmware the other Symbian^3 devices are running as of now. While at first glance, it looks like a little bit simplifications here and there, under the hood many things got changed (and many actually doesn’t).

Performance wise and score wise there are visible improvements though the smoothness still not jumped upon steps. People will still prefer Opera over this one.


UI wise, you can have more than one windows.


You can have feeds, you can search within web pages, you can customize the back button, customize the search engine option.. pretty much usual stuff.


Being a touch device, it was fun to fool opera to give us an on screen keyboard that was no where else visible in rest of UI. Neither in Gravity nor anywhere else.

Nokia E6-00 : The Messaging


Presence of portrait QWERTY with such a nice build quality easily makes the Nokia E6-00 one of the most handsome messenger phone out there. The keyboard itself is a piece of art with a bigger space this time (in comparison of E72), though I still miss &, $ like sign from the keyboard and think that why can keys like A,S,D,Z,X,V be utilized for secondary keys? May be they are meant to be used as directional keys in some games, but was that necessary with a touch device?

But that’s my opinion and I was used to ask for more. None other current implementation does better 😉


You have conversation view here and also this one got the smiley support. While Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X works as expected, you can make use of on screen touch for the same. For selecting the text, either use the finger or make use of shift+navigation button. Choice is always more with unique touch screen in place.


Similar UI for mails as been on Symbian^3 devices with minor changes here and there like the new marking system as shown in screenshot given below:


May be some small changes for Symbian^3 users, but Nokia E72 users will love it more and more as much they dig into it.


Though I will still complaint if the delivery part of the mails would have been any better with this, which is sure not the case as of now. Its not working like a push mails, that’s my word.


The Nokia Chat that wasn’t taking off for me due to lack of split portrait qwerty, is rocking on Nokia E6.


Once input issue is sorted, one can live with Nokia Social, specially because of the contact integration thing. While support of video upload and Ovi Checkin in Facebook section, it makes it worth checking out. For the rest, our good old Gravity already rocking on Nokia E6.


Nokia E6-00 : Integrated contacts


While contacts integration takes a little exercise in start, but once setup with Nokia Social and Nokia Chat (From Ovi Store), then it might be fun as you can see form above screenshot.


Nokia E6-00 also comes with Microsoft Communicator client built inside contacts. Though I don’t use it but I seen people using it a lot on their Nokia E72 likes. Touch will add more into fun.

Nokia E6-00 : The Multimedia


Don’t tell me that you ever seen any cooler UI on such a tiny screen before. While I actually didn’t counted Nokia E7-00 in that portrait QWERTY based E-Series league ever, so this makes E-Series officially alive and rocking about Multimedia this time.

Smaller but full resolution screen aided with such a UI makes you confused that what you wanna do more, texting or surfing music.

2011-06-27 01.49.08e6video

While FM Radio is in and FM transmitter is out, the video capabilities of Nokia E6-00 are the other charmer out there. Check out the above screenshot. Its playing HD video smoothly and that too on a bit rate of 8000+kbit/s. Support of many formats means put any popular video format like divx or xvid inside it without converting into anything and it will play it. Moreover, it is one of only video players out there to support subtitles too.


Also don’t miss the fact that we are talking about a phone with 8MP camera capable of taking great pics and 720p videos. Though its capability is still limited by EDoF and will suffer from its inability for close-up shots but still it will be a small sacrifice for rest of good things (I didn’t said the same for Nokia E7 likes).


Tapping on Photos app takes you direct into all photos rather than taking you into some album link. Also notice the three menu of the side and so the options. Gallery got some changes with SymbianAnna.

Isn’t business phone looking like more of an entertainment?

Nokia E6-00 : The Gaming

Well! though it got the similar hardware like other Symbian^3 devices, but as of now, Nokia E6-00 lacks on Gaming part. Not due to its own caliber but due to the fact that games for not optimized yet with its landscape like resolution on portrait UI. I don’t think that developers will be needed to change their codes much for making big titles like Angry Bird etc playable on the screen of Nokia E6.

So, in short, while Nokia E6-00 has the same caliber as other Symbian^3 devices (same GPU etc), as of now, its lacking in front of gaming due to less availability of compatible gaming apps. Thanks to its unconventional, never before portrait resolution. A situation that is not likely to stay long like this. Devs will respond soon.

Till then you can enjoy some of the racing title. Just that.

Nokia E6-00 : The new Camera UI for Symbian Anna?

Though we are supposed to get a camera specific firmware/ software update once Symbian Anna reaches to camera centric devices like Nokia N8, but see if any minor changes the camera software on Nokia E6-00 got to show off.

2011-06-27 08.52.13

So this is the camera with a touch button to take snaps (preparations to launch only touch centric device as Nokia N9 on Symbian? Too early to say).

2011-06-27 08.52.37

A tap to three dots icon show more of the usual options that we been already aware of with rest of Symbian^3 devices.

2011-06-27 08.53.02

In case of video recording, we get the option of video light as well though I am still trying to find the key combination for activating the LED Flash as torch outside camera.

As about image and video quality when taken from the Nokia E6 camera then being the same unit as on Nokia E7 or Nokia C7, you can expect the same level of performance with Nokia E6-00 as well. Take a look over my E7-00 review for a reference over the sample images and videos (compared with Nokia N8).

Nokia E6-00 : Bundled goodies like Office Premium and Joikuspot Premium

Scr000185 Scr000186

While Office Premium been always shipping with Nokia E-Series devices, Nokia E6-00 doesn’t make an exception here. Though surprising is to see the version of Adobe reader here.


Yes! what we watching here is Adobe Reader 10 on board. Though same is supposed to reach all the symbian^3 devices once SymbianAnna get rolled out in August end.

Scr000193 scr000238

Seeing JoikuSpot pre-installed on the device was a pleasant surprise. For the people, who don’t know about this application, let me tell that this application can turn your Nokia E6-00 into a wifi hotspot means your mobile data connection can be tethered to other devices like Laptops, iPod, iPad or other Nokia Wifi enabled phones easily.

Cool! isn’t it?

Nokia E6-00 : Photo Editor and Video Editor on board


Like other Symbian^3 devices, Nokia E6-00 also shipping with fully functional photo editor and video editor on board.


How awesome and capable these two applications are, you can only know by checking out my detailed coverage on them in my Nokia N8 Review-Multimedia part. Having such application on a business device are kind of huge value.

Nokia E6-00 : Extra Goodies like USB OTG and Bluetooth capabilities

This is something new for Business users and I bet each of them will value these capabilities.

The first is USB OTG, means you just need to buy a USB OTG cable from any Nokia shop in around Rs. 450/- or less and then via the same, you can connect a pen drive (I tested up to 8 GB FAT file system, but supposed to work with higher too) to your phone like you do with PC or you can connect a USB Fan, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard like USB devices… yeah not printers as of now 😛


The second is Bluetooth connectivity to provide support for input devices. This is something that arrived to Nokia device with Symbian^3 only. You can connect any bluetooth mouse or keyboard with your device, then connect the device with any LCD/TV etc over TV-Out and enjoy a mini computer like browsing experience with your small phone. Isn’t this cool? Don’t believe it, watch the mouse in action (as I didn’t have rest of the elements to show off as of now).



I am not sure if any other company is offering the same in other price segments, leave the business device segment a side though I am sure that Business users know that how important these two features might be for them.

So, this was a pretty much a comprehensive overview for Symbian Anna on Nokia E6-00. More interesting is the price point at which this model is launched in India. Rs. 17,999/- for a pre-order price which is supposed to go low once this handset hits the streets.

Business users should have their share of fun and Nokia E6-00 is just there. Do you really find any other model competing this one on such price level in features, physical built etc? If you find one then do tell me.


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      1. Nitis please advice me the charging procedure. I bought my E6 Today. the sales man adviced me to charge for 8 hrs while the phone is switched off. then again next day also do the same (8 hrs charging while phone is switched off mode). I am expecting ur reply. my id

        with regards,

          1. Thank you Nitish. I follow the same. Also I want to congratulate you for the detailed picture based review. It is more detailed than GSMARENA. Thanks a lot.


  1. nice post bro, hey you didnt write any cons ? Surprising . Just kidding.
    But at this price E6 is unmatched, but black looks far better , classy than white.
    For using led as battery, did you try to press and hold unlock key for while? Just like C7.
    You didnt show leather pouch also.

    1. Leather pouch not included with this one. I think I mentioned the same in my post on OnlyGizmos that covers the unboxing etc.

      Rest as about cons, then skipped that part due to the price. Will try to add the same in evening once I reach back home.

  2. How is the notification light on the E6. I have heard it’s very weak, you can only see it in very dark rooms. Is that true?:S

      1. Sir, what does properly visible mean?
        Can it be seen?
        Or can’t it be seen?
        Do I need to stare at it and cover it with my hand to check if there is a light?
        Do I need to be in a dark room?

  3. Ow and another thing, you said it supported subtitles. So you just put the subtitle file and the video file on your phone and it’ll play the subtitle?

  4. Sir, I would just like to ask if the screen lights up when you…
    receive an SMS?
    get a call?
    or the alarm for an event goes off?

    Because the notification light is very weak, it is very important for me to find out if the screen actually lights up so that I do not miss any calls when I put the phone in mute.


  5. Great review sir, it would be great if you could post a video or an image of the breathing notification light because this has become a big issue with this phone and I am sure that a lot of buyers are curious to see the notification light.

    Thanks sir.

  6. This is a good read. I’m considering to get E6, and it provides me with a more in-depth review. Thanks so much… 😀

  7. Hi Nitish Kumar!
    good and detailed blog!

    please can you record a video of blinking notification light!
    a lot of people complain about it that is not visible..

  8. Hello Mr Kumar , great review ! I habe the N8 and love it , but I’ll change to the E6 for several reasons . Better security , Symbian Anna , physical kb , hard buttons , touch and type , one handed use and removable battery . Speaking of which , I plan to buy a few extra batteries including anXL one ( 3600 or 3000 mAh ) , which requires an extended battery door . I don’t expect that the n97 battery door would dork here , but do you know if Mugen Power’s E71 XL package ( 3600 mAh ) extended battery door will work or can be modified to work with the e6 ?

  9. Could youmplease explain what you mean by:

    “Though I will still complaint if the delivery part of the mails would have been any better with this, which is sure not the case as of now. Its not working like a push mails, that’s my word.”

    Email is one of the most important features for me; could you please detail your experience with thifs functionality while using the e6? How is the push functionality?


  10. I would like to know if applications made originally for s60 5th edition phones such as n97 and c6-00 with 640 x 360 resolutions should work, and how, on the new e6 resolution

    1. It wont work as on those handsets the resolution is for Landscape while on E6-00, the same is for portrait. Moreover, there seems to be no auto-rotation on E6-00 UI even though accelerometer is there.

  11. Hi Nitish , I’m guessing the lack of an answer is a no , u don’t know , pity … Again , does anybody know if the extended battery door for the Nokia E71 will fit , more or less , the E6 ? And/or the E72 / 73 ? I’ve confirmed that the E72 battery door will work on the E73 , and the E6 battery door is pretty much identical .The E71 door is very similar , so it makes sense that the Mugen Power E71 extended battery door would work as well . Any help is very much appreciated !!

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply but that’s due to other things I am always engaged with.
      I am not sure that Mugen has made any batteries for Nokia E6 yet as its a new device (moreover, different kind of metallic back cover) and as you asked, E71 batteries are not supposed to work here as E6-00 has different kind of batteries.

  12. Hello again Mr. Kumar and many thank for replying ; u r the only one so far ! Sorry to correct , but I double checked and the E6 uses the BP-4L battery , which it shares with several other Nokia models ( such as the n97 , e90, e72 ) , including the e71 . Any BP-4L battery will work and there r many already on the market . As for an extended , XL , battery package , I talked to Mugen Power and Cameron Sino and neither currently plans one , though they will test their slim line extended batteries with the e6. I’ve confirmed that the e72 batterydoor will work on the e73 ; the e6’s door is pretty much identical , too bad therr aren’t any XL battery packages for either … The e71 battery door is very similar to all 3 as well , and in my extensive smartphone expertience , if battery doors of two or more models r as similar as these , they ususally interchange , ..

    1. Sorry I was wrong indeed. Double checked battery size is same and it can be interchanged with older models. Look like its been long for me when I last saw the same battery or any unit with it so got confused.

      Issue with Mugen is, they make the battery cover too with extended battery and making a cover that can match unit metallic appeal of E6 likes, is not an easy job

  13. What are we supposed to do when we get the phone out of the box? Charge the device directly, for straight 12 hours or something?, Or are we supposed to use the phone until the battery is dead and then charge it straight 12 hours?


  14. Comparing with Blackberry hardware, Nokia E6 is the best phone and specially made for business purposes. Even Nokia E6 comes in 8 mega pixel camera and update Symbian Anna Operating system. But one problem is no Bluetooth 3.

  15. Nitish i cant send sms to other states in india from my E6, any settings to be changed. sorry using nokia after 7-8 yrs so kinda lost touch

      1. YEH “0” is prefixed as selecting contacts from contact book, is that an issue? for other states hav to have 0 for calling purpose…

  16. hi,
    my name is sandeep asija and i am an ophthalmologist. i donot know much about gadgets. i recently bought nokia e6. i cannot my gmail account from the phone. i can access my wife’s gmail as well as my brother’s from same phone. i can access my yahoomail account from same but not my gmail please help

  17. Hey Nitish,
    Your review is well appreciated.
    I really liked the E6.I would like to ask you what exactly is this LED Notification light everyone’s talking about.Is it the one under the D-pad?
    And why doesn’t the screen light up when an SMS is received.Does it light up when a call is received.
    Is the touch screen sensitive and browsing good on this phone
    And is this phone better than the E72 and E5 and worth the price or should I go for the E5?
    Please reply asap.

    1. Vivek,
      Yes! its about the same LED. Thats true that screen doesn’t light up when a SMS comes. The reason might be as I guess, the screen itself always shows small iconic notification all the time now and still lighting up the screen would have been useless or power consuming. Though the screen sure lights up when a call come.

      About the screen sensitivity and browsing then though I am not good at videos but tried to demonstrate the same in my videos. For me, its been extremely good for the things I was expecting from such a size.

      As about E72/E5 then its far superior than those in features and usability, though do not expect that longer battery life as E72 likes were known for. Also one disappointment is not using the AMOLED/CBD screen on E6, if that was here then it would have been even more fantastic piece of art. No AMOLED means less visibility under sunlight while for indoor conditions it rocks.

  18. Hey Nitish,
    Thanks a lot for the speedy reply.
    I am looking at a phone in the 16-17k range or slightly lower than that with a qwerty keypad then the E6 almost has everything I want.I’m not much of a total Business corporate freak but will be using the features from time to time.
    Are you aware of any other phones in the same price range or slightly lesser having all these features,the Samsung Galaxy pro looks comparable to this and is available at a lesser price with an Android OS.
    So what do you recommend for me?
    I understood your point about the screen not lighting up when an SMS arrives,but what about the LED Notification which blinks under the DPAD(Like in the HTC models) after the message is unattended,The one which blinks under the D-PAD is of very low intensity I heard,Is it of much importance when I think of buying this phone?

    1. Unfortunately, for the lower price range Android is not yet mature. Suffers from lower resolution, fragmentation and lower battery lives. Galaxy Pro etc lacks in resolution. Leave HD recording or USB OTG like premium features a side.

      Yup! I agree that the LED is of less intensity but still visible in dark and audio alerts can always be configured.

  19. So under 20k,do you say that the Nokia E6 is the best compared to other Touch + Qwerty Models?

  20. Great review Mr Kumar ! And yes designing a extended battery door is tricky , but it seems that won’t be an issue with the E6 as nobody plans to make an extended battery for it . But my point was that in my extensive smartphone experience covering 7 models and 4 platforns ( Windows Mobile , RIM , Android and Symbian 3 ) if 2 models have battery doors of similsr design ss the E71 and the E6 do , usually they will interchange albeit with slight modifications sometimes. But I’m rather puzzled ; I’ve searched xtensively on this subject and have found almost no info . For the other platforms I’ve used there are communities of users and experts who are well versed in battery and battery door interchange between models but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Nokia . Any insights here ?

  21. Heard this phone doesn;t have Multiscanner.Is it anyway possible to install this software on this phone after i buy it?

    Rohan Malhotra

  22. it is possible to install garmin xt into nokia e6?
    it is possible to install java application for example: KJV Bible, jar games etc?
    how is the close up view in fixed focus?
    lastly,can the existing applications such as S60 3rd install to the nokia e6 (symbian anna ) without any problems?
    hopefully u can give an explanation or answer from me about this nokia e6,i would be grateful..
    Rohan Malhotra

  23. Any chance of Nokia E6 prices coming down in India in the coming days?
    Nokia Europe has slashed prices of all smartphones by 15%…

  24. Hey nitish,
    Once again,does this phone support skype video calling through Wifi with the front camera,couldn’t get an answer to it anywhere else or is video calling only on 3G networks

  25. i am using E6-00 . i feel the speaker is not good and there is no back key to come back from applications and on web browser.

  26. hey nitish,
    that was absolutely great review about e6 i found till date. but two things i found missing are mentioned below.
    (1) you didnt tell anything about HDMI port. i didnt find any seperate HDMI port on e6 so how am i going to connect nokia e6 with TV?
    (2) you didnt talk about the adobe flash support in e6. i know that youtube videos are playable on e6 but i wanna know whether videos from other sites are also playable?

    1. E6 doesn’t have HDMI and for the fact, most of handsets in market doesn’t have the same feature.

      Though it has TV-Out, means you can project all the things of your phone to the bigger screen via TV-Out. Works flawlessly. I watch movies and surf web in that mode with N8/Oro.

      Now as about Flash Support, due to memnory consuming nature of Flash, Symbian, iOS always kept a distance from full flash. Though symbian on E6 has Flash Lite 4 that can run almost all kind of flash compatible videos.

      Regards Nitish Kumar @nkumar_

      1. hey nitish,
        thanks for your reply.
        in N8 i think HDMI port is available but in E6 which port will be used for tv-out?


          1. hey nitish,
            so will nokia provide the cable in the box or we need to purchase it from outside? what could be the approx price of the cable?


  27. Nitish, Thanks for your review and your efforts. There is a front facing camera,however, I cannot find definitive information on whether skype and fring support video calling on the Nokia E6. Do they,or is it Nokia’s own software that allows for video calling. If so, would it be compatible to video call a skype user from this handset. This is exactly what I’ve been awaiting; QWERTY with Video Calling. A blackberry user for years, but RIM refuses to add video calling. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  28. Hello , once again . It seems the reason that there’s almost no information on extended batteries and extended battery doors for the e6 is that unlike other manufacturers , Nokia OEM batteries are competitively priced versus aftermarket ; it’s cheaper or not much more to buy OEM . This isn’t true for other manufacturers …

  29. Hi Nitish, after intensive search I’ve found your blog. Currently I have an E5 and though I am pleased with this handset, I have always been a big fan of E71 and E72. After my E51 I bought the E5 because I wanted a full keyboard and more functions, but the E72 was then way too expensive. At this moment the E72′ price has dropped and I am considering to replace my E5 by it.

    After the E6 being launched for a month now, I read a lot of bad thing about it. Weak till not viewable notification light, a lot of crashes, software not stable…

    Having an E5 that perfectly works, would you suggest the E72 to upgrade it, upgrading it by the E6 or to wait for the new Symbian Belle to be released at the end of this year?

    I use it mainly for the agenda, to read mail and to check updates on the internet.

    Many thanks in advance!

  30. Nitish, if you have a E5 and in your country there is a price drop of the E72 and it costs now the same as the E5, would you change to the E72?

    Of course the E6 is a far better device, but right now, it costs in Belgium the double of the E72 (199 € – 399 €). Knowing Nokia is working on the notification light of the E6, and news that Nokia would drop prices of devices including the E6, it seems advisable to me to wait to buy it. It could take a while though, so would you recommend to switch from the E5 to the E72 at the same price?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. hi Geert,
      i would like to know that from where do you come to know that nokia is going to drop the price of E6. can you please share the link? i would like to read it on my own.

      hey nitish,
      do you have info regarding nokia is going to drop the price of E6 and if yes then when?


  31. Hey Prateek,

    Hereby you can find the announcement made by Reuters:

    Unfortunately, it would be only for Europe. But to be honest, I am following the E6 since its launch in juin-july, and untill today I haven’t noticed any price drops in online and offline store.

    I want an update for my E5, it’s a good device but I miss the quick buttons for calender and messages that were on my E51. Therefore the E72 would be better. The E6 has these buttons as well plus a lot of improvements, but knowing that Nokia announced a price drop, I would like to wait to purchase it. There is a problem with the notification light on which Nokia is working (, an extra motivation to wait buying it.

  32. Hi!
    I just bought an E6 and the black and white look of the calendar is annoying me. Is there any way to change the background colour? I had an E63 before this one and it is much easier to read the calendar and the alerts. ie anniversaries had a red exclamation mark….. any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  33. hello,

    i got an e6-00 some time ago and i’m just curious how can i manage a yahoo ‘chatter’ since the original chat from nokia doesn’t let me do anything … i always get “request could not be completed” – tho my connection is up and working (this happens to msn also).As long i can’t use ebuddy neither i’m kinda stucked and can’t find an option.
    thank you in advance!

  34. Despite of previous comments, I can inform that it is indeed possible to use 3rd edition apps on Nokia E6.

    It is true that pre-anna (3rd edition) applications do not support touch and thus rely on physical left and right soft buttons… BUT it is possible to install VirtualKey that can remap some of the phones other keys to function as left and right softkeys while using those programs… I use “Sym” and “Ctrl” as left and right softkeys…

    This allows me to run mobipad that allows me to connect a wii mote to the E6 to navigate the menu and play games.

    mobipad will not run on an nokia E6 with out some form of key re mapping.

  35. HEY i had an e6 and i would like to know how to send a son or video via Bluetooth to another phone. also i would like to if the background can change in the menu and sms?? please reply asap

  36. HEY i have an e6 and i would like to know how to send a songs or video via Bluetooth to another phone. also i would like to know if the background can change in the menu and sms?? please reply asap

  37. Hi. I bought an E6 and am connected to my home WLAN. But somehow unable to connect to the internet. Could you please share a step wise setup procedure for the same.

  38. Hi Frnd, I had a problem in my Nokia E6

    Just before I Configured my Outlook Exchange in this mobile….,
    Synced the contacts also….,

    While i done the Outlook Exchange Configured I loosed my Contacts from my handset…,

    I don’t know what happen…. so please help me to get back my contacts in my handset…

  39. HD video is not playing on my e6(720p)
    like m able too see only video bt audio iz not cming out …wht can i do ..or plz suggest sum new video player for me

  40. is this nokia E6 phone can take pictures from front facing seconday camera and back side camera ?? if its so liking this phone ^^

  41. Thanks for the detailed description…. I’ve tried many times to find games suitable for symbian anna. Now I know..not even pong or galaga, space invaders….only chess and some blackjacks so far.

  42. I bought E6 replacing N82, really i felt sad that this E6 doest hv autofocus , i couldn’t take photos of any documents . After reading ur comments i feel like i still have purchased something worth for my money. Is there any software or methods to take close up shots for better results , please!

  43. Hi Nitish,
    Thank you very much for the review.
    Further I have some queries about the E6 as below:
    1. How to get marketting mode instead of Inbox for the mails?
    2. I did not find skype now in OVI store, it was there before few days back?
    3. How can I video chat in E6 using Wifi as I am abroad now , only use wifi. Though i have downlaoded fring but I cant login in that because it comes with error “could not establish connection”.

    Please help me out!!



  44. hi Nitish
    E6 is good mobile, but i am facing a problem when ever i am using fring & calling someone it’s going offline i don’t know why.
    please nitish can you provide infromation regarding,is there any software problem in this problem.pls let know ASAP.

  45. Hi Nitish,

    just wanto ask if FTD is possibe in nokia E6 when you apply for certificate?

    Thank you in advance.

  46. Hello nitish, great work. I went through all the queries and concluded that the e6 doesn’t support video callin as of yet. Can you please suggest me a phone that supports video callin in skype, facebook etc…

  47. excellent description, what about internet call it is mentioned in E6-00 user guide but while calling it don’t give internet call option. I already registered one SIP profile but still unable to do VOIP call from this SIP. Please assist

  48. Hi there,

    i recently got a nokia e6. i got a problem after taking pictures i can only see them when i attach it to my computer it does not show up on my phone at all. Please help me out to sort it.



    1. That’s a normal behaviour. When you connect any phone is mass storage mode then it disables the access for phone. If you connect in Nokia Ovi Suit mode then it should show up photos as you want them to do.

      1. thanks for your reply even when my phone is not connected it doesn’t show up. when i click on photo its just a blank screen and when i go to office than adobe reader and than browse files from phone memory or mass memory it only shows but photos doesn’t show up at all only blank screen.

        after taking pics i have to connect it to computer otherwise it doesnt show on phone at all.



          1. no i didnt install s60v5 application at all 😦 i have just few things like yahoo and msn messenger and facebook. i can see videos though but not photos at all .



  49. ‘How to change me E6 display resolution Setting ? Because i play sum game so given me this msg (Switch to portrait passe en mode portrait passe a display vertical ins hochformat wechseln cambiar a vertical) & ( please change the orientation of the screen to vew this application ) please tell me how is this possible

  50. Hi Nitish,
    i am still not able to open the pictures. its only blank page when click on the photos. please help me out.


  51. I bought Nokia E6 in Nov 2011. I am facing a weird issue. I see the camera option inside applications tab and when ever i try to use camera, i get a msg saying “your last call charge 0.20 paise”. This happens when i am not opening anyother application (internet not connected).

  52. you have never owned a E71 have you other wise you would be saying this phone is rubbish build quality is plastic its too thick, its impossible to alter the button configurations so stuck with a stupid options configuration button right on the front screen and whats with the daft dot in the bottom middle arh i am so disappointed in this phone back to my E71 then

  53. Hi Nitish..
    Very detailed stuff. I would request you to help me, how to bring three email account in one home screen in e 6 with symbian belle..

  54. Hello Nitish,

    Nice Post one again…Well, I’m looking for an app which has video calling capability for skype (such as fring. Perhaps, VC feature is now been removed in latest version) on my E6. Can you suggest any reliable app for the same?

  55. Wonderful analysis, but still a question. Does Skype and Fring work simultaneously on E6. As they don’t work simultaneously on E72 but works fine on E63.

  56. Hey Nitish,

    Great Blog.Great Detail.Just got an E6 and am loving it. One prob..when i take pictures it saves well but once in a while the picture does not save.Just a funny icon appearing which won’t even delete when you try to.What problem is this?


  57. hey Nitish,
    I must tell u that the review was quite good.
    I m planning to nokia e5, but it is already 2 yrs old since its launch, i need a qwerty with wats app functionality and email is necessary. budget 10k.
    Plz advice.

  58. to add to my query…
    recently nokia asha 302 is launched with an 1 ghz processor but it is with s40 platform hence i wanna avoid it. is there any chances of any 1ghz e5 kinda cell phn??? i can wait maximum till diwali

  59. i have also nokia E6.00. When i upgrade this software symbian anna to symbian bella.its camra is not working and its snape is very dull. Its net speed is also very slow in 3g network And is very bad company because if u purchase a costly mobile and if this not working in gurrantee then u purchase another mobile because nokia care take 10-15 days to repair it. So i am very upset to purchase nokia set.

  60. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be
    running off the screen in Firefox. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
    to let you know. The design and style look great though!
    Hope you get the problem solved soon. Many thanks

  61. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative.
    I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  62. I rarely leave comments, however i did a few searching and wound up here Laymans take
    on Nokia E6-How Symbian^3 fits into portrait?
    | Nitish Kumar’s Blog. And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.

    Is it just me or does it give the impression like some of the responses look
    like they are left by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting on other places, I’d like to follow anything new you have to post.
    Would you list of all of all your communal pages like your linkedin profile,
    Facebook page or twitter feed?

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