Layman’s take on Nokia E6-How Symbian^3 fits into portrait?

I think many of the friends who aren’t following me on twitter (@nkumar_), might have missed my quick review and un-boxing on Nokia E6-00 that I posted on June 22, 2011 at in usual Layman style.


So thought to put a pointer here for the post to let you all know about the package etc and for visual introduction of the device. Go read the same.

Symbian Anna preview on Nokia E6-00

While I have tried making a video to illustrate a few of points related to the feel of software, but like some of readers pointed to me, many wanted to go through the minute details of the changes in the software on Nokia E6. So, here we go.

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Sorry friends, I am not covering Symbian PR2.0 for now

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I know many of you expecting me to write on the same, but the delay in delivery is as disappointing to me as it is for you. Specially when we already seen three products (one even in retail market) with new version of software, while we all “early adapters” a.k.a. “experiment animals” (as in words of a reader) are kept waiting.

It hurts to see Symbian and Symbian users in such state as a new browser or portrait qwerty like things are no such things that should have come to Symbian now. I still consider browser as just fine but lack of even decent input system is getting unforgiveable now.

If any of those Symbian developers ever would have tried to type for a captcha on some site, then they would have chosen not to release any of the touch device rather than releasing such a shameless input system.

Yes! I am extremely sorry, if you wished me to write about the minor details of the upcoming update or to extract the info from the official blog or videos to deliver them in layman’s language, I am not covering the news as of now.

In no way, I am done with Symbian. I still have my Nokia N8, Nokia N82 close to me and still will keep on reviewing Nokia devices (specially looking for E7-00 though been in waiting list till now), but reading\ writing about PR2.0 now only increases frustrations. So.. having a break.

And yes! like I said on April 10-11, be assured, PR2.0 is coming in May and most probably week 1.

Sorry again.

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Layman’s take on Ovi chat for Symbian^3-Works Great!

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Yup! its finaaaaaaaaaally here. After a really long wait, Ovi Chat for Symbian^3 devices has made its way to the  public release.


Most of us expected otherwise, and it’s surprising to see that Ovi Chat has made its way through the Ovi Store and not from Nokia Betalabs first, just as how it has always been, since a while. This shows that the client was ready much before the release daye but didn’t go public for some reasons, little known to you and me. (maybe the Yahoo! deal or something else).


The installation will not only bring the app to your Symbian device, but will also include a very productive home screen widget as well. A widget that can set your status, show you unread chat messages in short and the take care of all the services registered. Check out the above screenshots to see how it shows the last unread chat with time stamp as well. Neat.

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Exclusive-PR2.0 Firmware version 20.37 is live for C7-00 RM-691?

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We kept on hearing that PR2.0 is coming soon and in fact coming sooner than early summers, but finally we got a real proof of the same just now. It seems that Symbian^3 PR2.0, which should be some 20.xx version, has already arrived at the official Nokia Servers for quality assurance.

Our good old Navifirm helped us again to see this ourselves, though a confusion prevails. There are two products with the same name Nokia C7, but the one with RM-691, the T-Mobile version, seems to have gotten the firmware 20.37.

The available firmware version 20.37, are for the two product codes, 059F8H2 and 059H0B6.

Update: This  is the same model codenamed Tiger as reported by TMONews here. It seems that there will be many new devices on sale once PR2.0 gets out. Will 21-22 March be the date? Will the latest video from Womworld/Nokia hinting gaming geek Nokia X7-00 be out by the same date?


C7 Navifirm

As of now, I’m downloading the same before it  may begin to disappear. Rest will come later.

Update: Now, I have downloaded the files and kept it with myself if anyone needs them. The complete change log is mentioned in the next post, if you wanna see the full glory.

Download Link: Megaupload

Thanks for the tip @fatechangers

Layman’s take – Symbian PR3.0 teaser-the radical changes?

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Note: Wait! wait! Wait! if you are reading it for some exclusive things that you have not seen on web yet, then please stop here as its the same stuff that has been posted by MyNokiaBlog etc. Here I am just going to discuss some of the finer details on it.

So, after the note of caution, let me start with some old speculations around the next gen Symbian updates that were being called as Symbian^4 earlier but with the arrival of Stephen Elop, a lot of things got changed internally and the decision of dropping the name Symbian^4 was one of them. All the scheduled changes were going to be part of existing Symbian^3 itself in iterations and that’s how PR3.0 became something very radical than anything before.


Recently we seen some previews of PR3.0 a.k.a. radical changes in slide from Nokia itself and the teaser itself given a lot of hints about the coming UI, which made me to post a few comments about them.

Android/ iOS like sleek top UI:


This was one of the complaints that many like Symbian-Guru made that the top bar in Symbian UI was taking almost double of precious screen space than its competitors. Symbian was using bigger top bar to use them as interfaces to go into connection settings, calendar, profiles etc, but other platforms proven that the big bar wasn’t needed. But the same time, another frustration of users came out with Menu-under-menu system, when it was more text centric than being visual like other platforms.

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Do not wait, No Symbian^3 PR2.0 in 2011 Q1

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Update 2: Thanks to our beloved @phonedaz (Damian Dining, the man behind awesome N8 camera), we have got some more updates on PR2.0 and this time it doesn’t look that bad, as I wrote in first go.PhoneDaz2


Though still no dates apart from the usual “early”, but we can believe on words of him for sure.


He also didn’t went for holding his opinions on Split Qwerty and Browser that seems more necessary for Symbian users than any kind of “radical UI changes” as of now. He confirmed that both of those most wanted features are a must part of next coming update that is coming before May/ June.

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Nokia N8-00 running beta PR2.0

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The last post was about PR1.1, Wanna see that what PR 2.0 (which seems to be settled for a mid-February release) gonna bring for you? Check this video of portrait QWERTY, new Browser and draggable screen running on PR 2.0 probably.

Not sure about which device it is, but look like Nokia C6-01. I was dumb to call it C6-01 due to shining borders, but when he turns it to Landscape then it’s clearly Nokia N8-00. (Thanks @JosueGimenez and @Camb078 for correcting me).

The portrait QWERTY design as shown in the video might not be the final one as Nokia developers were trying more than one designs as per insiders. Personally I wish they leave the 3D approach and choose a glossy one like @Janole’s Gravity that would be awesome with word correction, dictionary, multi-touch etc, but at the end it would be their decision.

What you think about these changes? Are they big enough? What more you want?

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