Exclusive-PR2.0 Firmware version 20.37 is live for C7-00 RM-691?

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We kept on hearing that PR2.0 is coming soon and in fact coming sooner than early summers, but finally we got a real proof of the same just now. It seems that Symbian^3 PR2.0, which should be some 20.xx version, has already arrived at the official Nokia Servers for quality assurance.

Our good old Navifirm helped us again to see this ourselves, though a confusion prevails. There are two products with the same name Nokia C7, but the one with RM-691, the T-Mobile version, seems to have gotten the firmware 20.37.

The available firmware version 20.37, are for the two product codes, 059F8H2 and 059H0B6.

Update: This  is the same model codenamed Tiger as reported by TMONews here. It seems that there will be many new devices on sale once PR2.0 gets out. Will 21-22 March be the date? Will the latest video from Womworld/Nokia hinting gaming geek Nokia X7-00 be out by the same date?


C7 Navifirm

As of now, I’m downloading the same before it  may begin to disappear. Rest will come later.

Update: Now, I have downloaded the files and kept it with myself if anyone needs them. The complete change log is mentioned in the next post, if you wanna see the full glory.

Download Link: Megaupload

Thanks for the tip @fatechangers


23 thoughts on “Exclusive-PR2.0 Firmware version 20.37 is live for C7-00 RM-691?

    1. A2phone is not official one while the thing we see via Navifirm is directly from Nokia Servers, so considerable to be believed.

      Sure it might be an unreleased product (A T-mobile specific as it says)

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  2. Good afternoon, I am not able to unlock my nokia c7-00 for use with another simcard, can you help me? my imei is: 356252046041320 use VIVO-BRAZIL.

  3. i’m very bored , i made an update of my phone nokia c7-00 but the new software , i don’t like it , how can i return back to the old software , thanx for the answer

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