Nokia N8-00 running beta PR2.0

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The last post was about PR1.1, Wanna see that what PR 2.0 (which seems to be settled for a mid-February release) gonna bring for you? Check this video of portrait QWERTY, new Browser and draggable screen running on PR 2.0 probably.

Not sure about which device it is, but look like Nokia C6-01. I was dumb to call it C6-01 due to shining borders, but when he turns it to Landscape then it’s clearly Nokia N8-00. (Thanks @JosueGimenez and @Camb078 for correcting me).

The portrait QWERTY design as shown in the video might not be the final one as Nokia developers were trying more than one designs as per insiders. Personally I wish they leave the 3D approach and choose a glossy one like @Janole’s Gravity that would be awesome with word correction, dictionary, multi-touch etc, but at the end it would be their decision.

What you think about these changes? Are they big enough? What more you want?

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4 thoughts on “Nokia N8-00 running beta PR2.0

  1. its a old video it was showen by alex68 of long time back 🙂 so pr 2.0 is under work since many months 🙂

  2. Hi Nitish, I am following up your articles everyday to see whether there are any confirmed news about much awaited PR 1.1. Lol, it has become a routine activity for me to start my day with *#0000# and become upset.
    The PR 1.1 date was changed multiple times, starting from the late december to 13,14th january 2011, by forum posts, and Nokia without confirming it.
    Basically, after bashing Nokia through couple of discussions, I feel Nokia gives a **** to discussions or suggestions.
    Anyway, have one n8 and seems like I have to live with it :O

    1. mate, I can understand your agony very well as I also own a Nokia N8 and going through same routine and feelings.

      Though we should understand the fact that Nokia hasn’t given any specific dates related to the firmware and mostly it was thrown online by rumors. So, any “delay” is not from their sides. Internally it depends on many factors. So, we have to wait.

      But yes… its true that its painfully slow and as I know about PR1.1, people who want drastic improvements like new browser, portrait qwerty and overall changes, will be disappointed as its a performance update to a phone that is already enough fast

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