Do not wait, No Symbian^3 PR2.0 in 2011 Q1

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Update 2: Thanks to our beloved @phonedaz (Damian Dining, the man behind awesome N8 camera), we have got some more updates on PR2.0 and this time it doesn’t look that bad, as I wrote in first go.PhoneDaz2


Though still no dates apart from the usual “early”, but we can believe on words of him for sure.


He also didn’t went for holding his opinions on Split Qwerty and Browser that seems more necessary for Symbian users than any kind of “radical UI changes” as of now. He confirmed that both of those most wanted features are a must part of next coming update that is coming before May/ June.


This was the statement related to PR3.0, I guess as we are expecting radical changes to UI with the same only. A calculated guess says July/ August.

Update 1: Thanks to @Colmsmyth for the info, @NokiaIreland added more into the disappointment by making the statement that the update is coming in early summer that makes it a May/ June affair considering earlier record of Nokia. Many of you already should have noticed that statements of Nokia Officials mentioning it “coming this year” than “early 2011” now. Even if you wanted to say that its not a delay then …..


If Nokia wants to lie that its not a delay, then what was that which they said in SEE2010? Where the official statement was ..

“50+ enhancements coming to S^3. Portrait QWERTY, new browser, split screen input and more. Arrives early 2011. For new and existing devices”


Again early 2011 IS NOT EQUAL TO early summer that is comfortably May/ June. I hate to say that while we Nokia fans never admitted this, but it seems that @eldarmurtazin was right all the time, when he mentioned the following in his tweet months before now.


This really seems that @Nokia wants to be in news for all wrong reasons for their existing user base as there are a lot angry fans out there along with many angry insiders. This really doesn’t seems that @selop cares for them when saying they will sell more 150 million devices. Com’on … give me a reason to have faith after the worse performances during CES and MWC.

I am seriously thinking that what’s going on with Nokia E7? It seems that like they never given Nokia N900 and Maemo\ MeeGo a serious fighting chance, same is happening with Symbian and Nokia E7 now.

First news:

While I do not like to break the silence by negative news, but look like I am bringing it again. Like last time, I said that PR1.1 wont come in January, its again a confirmed news that there will be no PR2.0 in Q1.

The source is very official @NokiaHelps


I can see many of the disappointing/ angry faces while reading this news, but it also makes sense as still there are many parts of world where people have not received even PR1.1, thanks to operators and other distribution issues. It’s not possible to deploy yet another update that will frustrate those users more, who have not yet received PR1.1 even.

I still very much believe that Nokia working on plans to release PR2.0 in all parts of the world at once than the way, it got deployed in fractions with case of PR1.1 update, but I also understand that there are many many challenges in doing so. Let’s see what happens next, but one thing is sure that delay of PR2.0 will hurt the Symbian^3 handset sales very very badly as I know many of the friends who bought Nokia N8/C7 likes only on the promises that there will be those 50+ improvements early of the year.

And for Nokia Officials, who mentioning it again and again that how can something be delayed if not announced yet, let me tell you, its not any “update” we are begging for, its our right to get respect as a consumer because what you are delaying again and again, rest of the world has on their platforms since last six-seven months already. We are barely asking to let us be equivalent. A decent browsing experience and proper input method is kind of right for one who buys a “Smartphone”.

Will add more, if I find some more info on the matter. Please contribute your opinions and info via comments and mail me tips or anything you can find about this PR2.0 on my email id

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5 thoughts on “Do not wait, No Symbian^3 PR2.0 in 2011 Q1

  1. another false promise from Nokia 🙂 they are just trollin! With us..if it’s truly ready then let them release for E7 first!!

  2. If That’s true, This is my Last Nokia.

    We’r in 2011 and we don’t even have QWERTY Poetry Keyboard.

    That’s Nokia’s “SmartPhone” strategy.

    They know how to lie us..

  3. given that nokia is starting to kick out developers a few months from now i doubt we will get much more than pr2.0. If we get 3.0 we can be extremely happy.

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