I repeat, there is no PR1.1 for Nokia N8 in January

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Well this time I am coming with a news that might sound bad to most of you. As tipped by one of the readers Biohazard on my post, Nokia Sweden commented on their facebook wall that PR1.1 is coming in February, which should end the speculations that if there is still any hope for PR1.1 in January 2011 itself.


It might look ugly, but not beyond expectations, I was actually expecting them to do the same and even if it will annoy many N8 users out there, it was well reasonable to drop PR1.1 completely and coming with PR2.0 with major changes only. But what’s making me think that its still PR1.1 that is coming in February, if it is so, then would be a huge disappointment for sure.

Why I would have supported the drop of PR1.1?

Sometimes you best of efforts get scrapped due to overall impressions. Like you seen with Nokia N8. It had best of build so far in a way, had best of mobile camera, had USB OTG for the first time, had Dolby Digital, then even came with Symbian^3 like brand new and superbly performing OS, but still just coming up early before finishing …. made N8 standing somewhere, where it should have not been.

It still the best from Nokia, its still selling like hot cake.. I never seen same Nokia handset in so many hands at many places, I never seen these many pre-orders. Nokia N8 still has the charm, but if they were allowed to delay the launch to come with PR2.0 likes only then the story was something else, but even we fans were not ready for that and Nokia didn’t wanted to let down its fans.

By the way, here is the link of Nokia’s Official page mentioning the same. Link

Do tell me what you think on it


16 thoughts on “I repeat, there is no PR1.1 for Nokia N8 in January

  1. Sorry Nitish. You just seem to copy stuff from MyNokiaBlog without acknowledging the source and paste it here as your own stuff. You seem to have little reliable knowledge or information yourself.
    If it’s only publicity you are after, pls try something more constructive. Thanks.

  2. Raja,
    I would say I am feeling really hurt by this.

    Please do check source in first para from where I got info. Jay is in my timeline and whenever we share some info, we do credit each other. I have not checked yet but there is no such post from MNB yet and Jay posted the date as 24jan by today itself. If possible then do check my other post to understand that its not my way.

  3. As about publicity and not crediting then at least I should not be blamed though there might be reverse cases.

    I am here for common man only and write my way for people who like to read, its never been my business that I will write for hits only

  4. this sucks 🙂 was looking forward to it… and Nitish, I like the blog very much, check it almost daily… keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Nitish, as it was always rumours, I don’t feel much left down by this news. May be Pr 2.0 will be more appropriate at this stage for Nokia to release, instead of two updates within a short interval.
    Let us wait and see what significant changes PR 2.0 gonna give the end users.
    I truly love my N8, though it has countless issues with the OS.
    Keep writing, You know there would always people who are just jealous 🙂

  6. i don’t know y i had this feeling that this news was about 2 come.
    It may sound like comparing but it’s sad but true, Nokia lacks marketing skills as well as brain. It does make gud mobile but don’t know how to sell it. iPhone is touted as best device, no1 calls it a phone but it knows how to sell it. Even before Androids hit the market Google was always giving ready updates. Even wid failures Google never missed deadlines.
    Here Nokia doesn’t shout what it’s making, when’s it coming, what’s d progress etc. This is open world. U can’t have everything a secret wen so many ppl expect from u. PR of Nokia is nothing but a mess. Before my N8, i wanted N900. Every1 knows the fact that N900 came a year late n price of N8 was same as N900 n no marketing.
    Of course i show off my N8, it’s awesome. But wen a Android guy swipes the screen “it’s slow” is 1st response, Apple guy says it’s antique. No portrait QWERTY, even if ppl don’t like it due to cramped place. But at the end of day wen they say “it’s gud” it feels ok coz it’s not gud but best. To be there u’ve to be updated. Nokia if u r listening there r so many ppl here who know ur phones better let them suggest u wat’s needed in phone. Ur thinktank needs to be replenished wid fresh ideas.

  7. Always following your blogs. Gr8 way to understand the technology in simple way. Keep it up !!!

    Still confused whether to buy N8 or not bcoz no CBD in N8…

  8. hi nitish, thanx 4 the info. do u have any idea about the release date of the softwares which were selected in n8 ‘make my application contest’ ? prety cool they r.

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