Sorry friends for long gap

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I know I been away from this blog in crucial moments when a Gravity update, PR1.1 hitted public release, the best looking ever Bubblelock app got released and some very much waited news is just around the corner. But let me assure you that I had a very good reason for the same.

I got married on january 26 with a lovely girl named Puja and rituals etc will still hold me from coming back before february 10. I guess that was worth an excuse for the gap 😉

Wanna thank you all for still keeping it in pace while I was absent on blog (been always available on twitter via @nkumar_) as we crossed 2,00,000 hits on 31 january, 2011 when last 1,00,000 was in just october 14, 2010. That’s a real huge for an indian individual blogger, who was never aided by Indian mobile PR Agencies except my good old friends at @womworldnokia. But still don’t mind as I kept it layman way as much possible than joining the professional ways of elites and that been what many were really looking for.

With 25k+ tweets and 400+ people to listen them, even twitter timeline been a happening place (special thanks to #twz gang like Pankaj, Krishna, Ashutosh, Sachin, Rounak, Abhinav, Arun, Siraj, Micky, Yogi, Ankur, Joe and many more whom I missed to mention here in fear that this wordpress app may crash. Did a couple of time)

I never thought to opt the common way of making another account just in name of blog. I been a real person, ready to interact with everyone who come to me with real emotions, real passions and wished to be remembered that way. Will always reply each comment, each mail and each tweet in my capacity.

The last year been the greatest one and this year going on top of that …. I am here again to ask you, what you want to say more via me …


20 thoughts on “Sorry friends for long gap

  1. Congrats Nitish. Welcome to WIFE club, if you dont know what it is, check with your married friends 😛 Btw what about that “hitted” area of your post? Did you mean those updates hit the expectations or already released for the public?

    Please update

  2. Thanks Abubakar,
    I know mate, it was the longest gap in recent. I missed you all as well. I was specially asked to be away from my activities for a while 😉

    I realized one more fact that touch phones don’t cut it when it comes to write rich contents. Seriously missed N900 this time.

  3. Congrats Nitish

    Bingo!! hey friends……

    congts to u all !!!

    Finally N8 first firmware update is out….. i had updated my N8 this morning only ….

  4. Saurav,
    I know same and sent updates on tweets too but away from blogging for same reasons as mentioned in post. Really feeling bad about absence now… Coming back by tomorrowf night only

  5. Well we also received the PR 1.1 here in Kuwait. Around 7MB in total, OTA, landscape dialer(?????) and Quick Office now allows create new documents (kikiki), have you got a change log Nitish? Please post it here.
    Now let us start biattttching about PR 2.0 and behave like our cric betties 😛

    Regards and Congrats again,

  6. I am not sure that why yours was 7mb as it was 6mb+ only here. A changelog is posted on Nokia conversations already though I noticed a bit more. Will post soon.

    As of now, I am in train to Delhi itself, where heavy rush of office works waiting for me after a longest gap ever. I know there are a lot of things over which you all want to read me soon. I will try to make it

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