Arushi Murder Case: What’s going on …

Name: Arushi Talwar
Age: 14 Years
Education: 9th Standard
Father’s name: Rajesh Talwar
Location: Sector 25, Noida .
Murdered on: May 16th 2008

Fifteen-year-old Aarushi, a Class 9 student of Delhi Public School (Noida), was found dead with multiple stab injuries on her face, chest and neck when her father opened her bedroom door at their home here on Friday morning. This was the official news line and later whatever, we have seen, will be in our memories for long.

Either it was Police’s eagerness to discuss even the theories with media as pinpointed in article or it was media’s eagerness to find their share of breaking news as could be founded as a good read in articles like, and

It was all about taking mine or others attentions towards this matter otherwise probably, I was also going along the same way as other people go means taking it as another SIP of COFFEE or another daily soap.

The first day, without any proper investigation started with the wordings that the servant named ‘Hemraj’ is the killer and he has ran away, until the a retired Army officer living nearby discovered on the basis of obvious signs lying in the house that the servant himself has been killed and his dead body is on terrace, which was locked at the moment. Interestingly, neither Police nor media nor the family itself was able to reach up to this point. But notice that it was a mere few hours gap and stories and theories were circulated in whole country and even outside the country that it was another incident of family person killed by some domestic help.

In next, after getting dead body of the servant himself, we got introduced by another fact\ theory that it was an honour killing, which was possibly due to one of any reason; either of extra-marital affairs between Rajesh Talwar and one of her colleague named Anita Durrani or any objectionable relations between Arushi and Hemraj. Till now, 24×7 News Channels were able to circulate lots of questions. Who did it? Who locked the door? Who was hiding what? This is a natural human reaction in such circumstances. If Hemraj did it, Vishnu did it, robbers did it the clinic staff did it and finally whether the family did it?

I feel terribly embraced about our share of involvement in this humiliation, when we were watching these all allegations of affairs between Hemraj and Arushi. Police went even to diagnose from the angle over the body of 14 years old girl, if some sexual intercourse happened that night or if Arushi was having sexual relations with anyone. Fortunately, all the reports went negative to prove her innocent. Today, I see fractions of her emails being sensationalized over news channels, with the highlighted keywords like “Love” and line like “It happens in today’s teenage life and one need to do things for making her image.” You all tell me once that is there any evidence yet to prove that she was anywhere on some wrong side rather than being a normal sociable school going kiddy? So called Love, affections, more than one boys… is not this happens in everyone’s life? Mind it, these are not even the relations, but something to keep her in race like going on in school going kids. Orkut, Facebook etc… is there any age boundary to feel the emotions? No, nothing like that … but sure today’s age, gives you the big words to write to speak without feeling the means behind them. So what? if ‘love’ or ‘relations’ like words are being used in emails? Are you trying to be living in ancient age by proving someone’s morality on the basis of that?

How cruel it is? Everyone playing with words, theories without caring that what it might be causing to others lives, who are being affected? If there was nothing between Anita Durrani and Rajesh Talwar, then who is responsible to spoil their lives forever? If there was nothing like objectionable relations between Arushi and Hemraj and Hemraj was treating her only as his own child, then guessing such irresponsible things after their lives, was not a crime? Who will pay for that? A father, if really innocent, then what’s going on with him? If later, somehow he will be relieved from the allegations, then was his life ever going to be like always? I am saying this as I know it’s very likely, because as a matter of fact, I could say that there is no solid evidence to prove the matter in courts or in high court.

I go by the wording as in the article

After the death, everyone avoids using bad words about even worse people and she was someone, who was praised by everyone in her circle as a cute, lively and sweet girl. Then guessing about her character on the baseless and always coming out as wrong theories was right in what sense? I think media should have been more responsible with the use of words and available information. “Each theory that comes to mind is their breaking news”.

I also agree with the question raised with the article

  1. Media is supposed to protect the people, and help the victim. If parents are the victims in this case, how the media has helped them?
  2. If the father is a decent man & really did not had the affair as the mother claimed then don’t you think Police and Media hurt them very badly?
  3. If the child has been killed for any other reason (nothing to with the child / revenge on parents), then don’t you think we even spoke badly about the child?
  4. “Any death is a moment of sorrow, but a death by murder and that too of a small child, is the most ghastly thing for anybody to face. I don’t know if the parents will ever be able to get through this” Are we giving right kind of condolence to them?
  5. If the servant would have treated the child as his own daughter & the killer had other intensions, don’t you think we suspected a divine relationship?
  6. Do you think media was responsible enough in this case?
  7. How the speculation of hurting the sentiments of victims has helped the case?
  8. Your comments on the media’s role? Are they solving something or making it more complicated?

Rewriting again in addition …

As was expected, after just few hours, I got to see another turn in the story, when finally IndiaTV people weren’t able to hold their share of breaking news and one more name came out with literally word by word details of SMSs and one more name “Sangharsh” or “Sankalp”. Is there anyone to stop them to ruin others lives? Although I should admit that at least this time, they are trying to place to some sympathetic views towards the family itself, but don’t you think that these details with SMSs, Emails, Names and Phone Numbers, will be misused? One thing was very clear from the evidences that killer was someone very professional and nearer to the victim. Then is there any profit of dragging someone’s life into this?

Now, Police is trying to find that who has deleted the social networking profiles… is this leads to something? I don’t think so… in what way, things are being circulated, sure people around Arushi have the reason to get scared, even if without proper reasoning. As much I guess, passwords get shared between girlfriend\boyfriends as most probable case and in second, between siblings and in last case, if someone is computer expert, then with the help of some simple software’s, one could retrieve passwords, especially if the logins are being made from home computer as that is one place, people get more lazy about the security, feeling that their personal thing.

I liked the article


9 thoughts on “Arushi Murder Case: What’s going on …

  1. Its great to see that you are back and back with a serious one. I will surlly go through it and give you a BIG feedback.

  2. Great to people taking interest. Means it was not a waste to write on…. It was a major thing happening around, so I decided to come back with this one…

  3. I just wanted to share this thought. I am not suspecting/assuming anything. But I think if father is not guilty, which i think he is not, most probably, than he should support and go through the narco and brain mapping test, just to let police know that he has supported them fully, and he has nothing to do with this murder.

  4. “I think if father is not guilty”
    Sure all of us have our share of guesses but getting the ground, where the family itself might be living at will always as much hard as it could be.

    Yes, its the logic that he should support as much he can, but could you promise that everything will go fine after that? No!! you can’t neither anyone else. I hope he supported even in most critical circumastances… but

    Probably that’s the dilema of such cases… it will be remembered as another trial by media.

  5. Oh come on, the case really is quite simple.

    Dr. Talwar (this guy looks very passive aggressive), irritated at his daughter’s behavior (unacceptable by his standards) had an argument with his daughter that night. He was perhaps not able to articulate his thoughts very well in that argument especially before Aarushi who is said to have been a good speaker. This was after the internet email checking business. The argument turned violent and Aarushi’s head got banged against the wall. Frail that she as, she died. Dr. Talwar was in a shock but still as cunning and shrewd and calm and controlled as ever. The two witnesses to this ‘fit of rage’ murder were Nupur Talwar and the only other person at home – Hemraj – who under normal circumstances would express some indignation at what has happened.

    Taking him to be a potential reporting risk, Talwar cried or sobbed before him and put up a nice drama and in the middle of all of it managed to get some sharp object from the kitchen or elsewhere. He then suddenly pounced on Hemraj and finished him off to neutralize the witness who was capable of going to the police. Dr. Talwar was reasonably assured of the fact that Nupur Talwar would even more easily accept all his justifications for the second murder. He (or they) then arrange(s) the three glasses and whiskey on the table to make it look like Hemraj had visitors. Whiskey is expensive. Either Hemraj could drink as much of Dr. Talwar’s whiskey as he wanted and even serve it to his friends or that was the only bottle the Talwar’s found in the fridge that night for the set-up. Going out in the night to buy a bottle of cheap liquor would have seemed quite suspicious the next day had any neighbors spotted him. Even the Wine Shop guy could have had a faint memory of this posh looking guy in a big car buying cheap liquor towards the closing of the shop – more so after the media coverage of the case.

    Then happens the ‘carrying the body to the terrace’ the led to the blood stains on the stairs. This was done to get a head start and time to dispose of the blood stained clothes and weapon. See, Dr. Talwar needed time. If both the bodies got discovered together, the suspicion would have automatically fell on the doctor couple right away – the only survivors from that house that night. Also, to make it look like an external job, Dr. Talwar then slit Aarushi’s throat (very little remorse – she is dead already and the greater good of the family now lies in being able to hide the crimes). Aarushi’s throat was slit with the door wide open which means that events in the house had more or less settled by then.

    In the morning, the Talwars speak well-rehearsed lines and even make the maid discover the body. They then rush off to Hardwar . That was the best thing Talwar did. It gave him hundreds of kilometers of highway and several small and big water bodies on the way to dispose off the murder weapon and the clothes. They even borrow someone else’s car for the journey making the discovery of Aarushi’s blood or fibers from the car even more unlikely.

    The rest is very evident. The expression on day one on the Talwar’s faces was not of shock but panic. They were downright scared of getting caught. Whatever. Nupur Talwar (so much like Ms Clinton!) may not have forgiven her husband for losing his temper that night but to her it is more important that they live a ‘normal’ life together again than somebody getting punished for the grisly crimes. In any case living with Aarushi’s absence and the guilt of having murdered his own daughter he loved once loved so much will always be a greater punishment for him than anything that the Courts can ever give him.

    Sherlock Holmes (Conan Doyle was a doctor himself) once remarked “God forbid, a doctor ever turns to crime. He would have the reason to do it and capability to hide it.” Aarushi’s murder was senseless, Hemraj’s was not. In this particular story (The Case of the Speckled Band) though, Sherlock Holmes displays his ignorance about snakes. He did not know that snakes did not drink milk.

    DANgerous NOBility

  6. Hi, I liked your post. It described the sequence of events quite well.
    Whether Mr.Talwar killed his daughter or not is a matter of contention and more investigation. But think about it, Mr. Talwar did make an attempt to divert the police initially and in some ways manipulate evidence. Ofcourse, reporters, neighbours etc also destroyed important evidence.
    Isn’t an attempt to cover up evidence or hide facts or try to divert police attention (when he told police that the servant killed and to go and look for him) a crime in itself?

    ps- I liked the quote by Sherlock Holmes, written here by DWIndling NOBility…he is right in a way. Only problem is the motive is not clear. I wonder whether the real culprit will ever be caught!

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