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“ Just while crossing the street, you got to see a face, you think you would have seen somewhere and then all of sudden, he/ she shouts from the other side that “Oye!!! why staring like stupid? its me… your classmate… how could have forgotten me”. While having cup of coffee with the same lost friend, you dive into memories of college and rant about Professors, seniors and girls there. ”

Still the most discussed topics when meet some old friend remains about professors and batch-mates (girls section get cut off after marriage 😛 ) Similar might have happened with everyone of us, but it happens once in a while as just after studies even the best buddies get scattered at much distances and soon in stressed life lost the touch with friends. We join the social sites to get connected and talk about old days.

While you have Orkut and Facebook communities with you, have you ever thought that if there was such a place, where teacxhers1 you were able to know what others are thinking and talking about your teachers, like what one felt for him, who was favourite for the most of students and similar things like reviewing your teachers and rating them on your scale. I am not sure many of them would have thought about the same, if would have, then there is a famous international site named www.rateyourprofessor.com, which has been a grand success with billions of reviews. I checked the same, but felt that its not meant to Indian Continent and then I came across the kind of site I was looking for with the same motives and with really fast and effective interface, which is www.myfaveteacher.com. You may find an article over it from Hindustan Times here.

It was founded by an engineer Rajat Agarwal in September 2009 and in a short span have grown to have a lot of reviews. MyFaveTeacher is India’s largest compilation of college professor and teacher ratings and reviews. Here, students from various colleges and universities of India gather and present their views about their teachers and professors in the form of ratings and reviews. Students can rate any teacher on a scale of 1-5 on the basis of various criteria, viz. subject clarity, helpfulness, easiness. They can also write comments on the quality of education being imparted to them via reviews.

I find the concept really exciting and effective enough ….. more are its implications and applications.

  1. Not only rants for ex-students, but in totality, it could become a great resource for new students joining the Institutions. They will know the teachers better now before even meeting them.
  2. It forms a dynamic critical scale about Teahcers/ Professors themselves. They could find their weaknesses from there and reevaluate their ways time to time. For already good ones, it would add a testimony in their profiles as well.
  3. Even for prospective employers and management, it become a great resource to know about, what is being said about whom.

This all depends on reviews from students themselves and usability of site itself. In this side, this site really wins the heart. I find this site extremely smooth for  surprise, otherwise I expected it to be complex enough like filling long forms, but it was this much easy that for posting and rating a teacher, you wont even needed to register on the same site and could post the review as anonyms. Really a great work in deed. I even found a section for my own Engineering College J. K. Institute there, although there was no existing review there, but I added one over my favourite Prof. R. R. Tiwari. Check the review here and if possible post one from your side, although I know that its hard to make people writing, but still I hope …



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